Lull Mattress Review

Not many mattresses can suit the needs of all kinds of sleepers because people have differences in weight, sleeping positions and others. For this reason, I highly recommend Lull mattress for you. Especially, the price of this mattress is very affordable and the customer policies are attractive.

If these mentioned things make you curious about it, read this full Lull mattress review for more information.

Lull Mattress’s Materials


Lull mattress just has 10 inches in total height and the construction is built from 3 layers of foam. Let’s go into details!

Lull mattress layers

Lull mattress layers

Top layer – the top layer is made of a 1.5″ memory foam. This material can provide softness and cushion for sleepers. Aside from this, it has ability to relieve pressure points. More ideal, the foam is infused with cooling gel, which adds more cooling feel for sleepers. Hence, it minimizes the heat retention issue – the major concern users when using memory foam.

Middle layer – the second layer is built from a 1.5″ of conventional foam. Because this layer acts a transitional layer, the foam used is also the firmer type. In addition, this layer is combined with top layer together to distribute body weight evenly.

Bottom layer – this layer acts a strong support base for above layers, that’s why it needs to be pretty firm. To achieve this goal, a 7″ of dense support foam is used for making the bottom layer.


For some, it isn’t necessary to take cover into consideration when choosing a best mattress, but it is important to me. The cover is something that adds the nice look for the mattress. In addition, it somewhat adds the extra softness when lying down on a mattress.

Lull mattress cover

Lull mattress cover

Lull mattress’s cover looks very modern and luxury. Like many online mattress, it also comes in white tone for the surface and grey for the sides. Personally, this white fabric looks very elegant.

For the material, the cover is made of combination 90% polyester and 10% rayon that has extracted from bamboo (the same component is found in the cover of Lucid mattress). Because of this unique components, the fabric is fairly breathable and cool.

In addition, the fabric is also very elastic and durable, a fairly abrasive tug doesn’t make it sagged or damaged easily. Plus, the material for side panels is made of a combination of 64% polypropylene and 36% polyester. This blend aims to provide sturdier feel for the fabric.

Overall, the cover of Lull mattress deserves to be voted as a good quality. As aesthetically speaking, this cover is nice and modern.

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Firmness Feel, Support and Others

Lull mattress firmness

Lull mattress firmness

If we rate 10 is the firmest level on the firmness scale, this Lull mattress gets around 6.5. It means that Lull mattress offers slight firmness. Due to this, side, back or stomach can have a supportive support when sleeping on this mattress.

In addition, the 7-inche high-density foam used for the bottom will work as a good support for proper spine alignment. When your spine is relaxed, you’ll get a restful night’s sleep, right? For bounce, the top layer also provides it a little, but is not something too good like latex provides.

How about motion transfer? This is always an important thing to consider when choosing a best mattress for couples. In terms of motion transfer, the mattress is expertly designed to minimize this issue. This makes it more suitable for two people to sleep on.

What else? Heat retention is the common issue of memory foam mattresses. To solve this, Lull uses gel-infused foam, this reduces significantly the heat absorption. Thanks to this gel layer, mattress is many times coolers than any memory foam mattresses that doesn’t contain cooling gel. Aside from this, Lull has a breathable cover to pair with top layer. All these said, hot sleepers can find their restful sleep every night with Lull mattress.

Lastly, the sinkage level, when owning medium firmness level, the mattress shows low tendency to sink, if the mattress is used as normal lying positions and average weight. To help you easy to understand the issue, we take some certain uses with a person of 140 pounds.

For lying on back, the sinkage is about 2 inches. When sitting on edge, it is about 3 inches (the edge of Lull mattress is quite strong), but when sitting with abrasive way on the edge, it tends to sink further down into the mattress.

Additional Information

Warranty – offering 10 years as warranty seems to be popular among the mattress companies.

Trial period – you have 100 nights for trying Lull mattress when purchasing it.

Where it is made – all the Lull mattresses are manufactured in USA.

Shipping – you have to pay no fee shipping to be delivered to your door when purchasing Lull mattress.

The science of Lull mattress – Lull mattress is designed by the Experts with 30-year experience.

Safety – the foams used in the mattress are tested to safe to health.

Size – there are 6 options for size. Each option leads to difference in price.

Price – the prices of Lull mattresses comes at affordable prices. All of them are under $1000.

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Note. Lull mattress has a similarities in warranty and trial period to Leesa mattress and Purple mattress (check them out, if you are interested too).

Who Needs Lull Mattress?

There are many great features that makes Lull mattress suitable for the majority of sleepers, here are those who would like or need this Lull mattress:

  • Who prefers firm feel. Mostly, they are back and stomach sleepers.
  • Who looks for luxury mattresses with affordable prices
  • Who seeks for gel-infused memory foam. Normally, hot sleepers seeks this feature most
  • Who sleeps with a partner. Because Lull mattress is firm, less motion transfer and less sinkage, so it is ideal for couples

Who Tends to Dislike Lull Mattress?

  • Who needs a super soft mattress
  • Who has a bias against memory foam. Normally, the issues like off-gassing, and heat pop up customers’ mind when they think of memory foam mattress.


If you are looking for memory foam mattresses, Lull mattress is worth your consideration. It has cooling gel contained in foam and affordable price to stand out among memory foam mattresses out there. Furthermore, the customer policies that Lull offers are attractive.

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