Leesa Mattress Review

Are you looking for a mattress made of high quality materials for a better comfort but still has a necessary firmness? Think of Leesa mattress, and read this full Leesa mattress review to have your own comparison to others.

As my own opinion, Leesa mattress can’t be more perfect because Leesa is amazing from its look to my real experience with it. Let’s see the details of Leesa mattress!

The Materials of Leesa Mattress

The materials used for making mattress is really important in determining its look and construction. Let’s have a focus on this!


Leesa mattress is a combination of three high-performance foam layers:

  • Top layer – Leesa uses a patented foam called Avena foam, which is designed with 2 inches of thickness. Especially, this material has the same features as latex foam, meaning it also provides great softness, comfort and bounce. Even it is better than latex foam, because it is more durable.
  • Middle layer – for a solid core, the middle layer is made of 2-inche memory foam. This foam is pretty firm to ensure the ability to provide a great support and pressure relief.
  • Bottom layer – to act as a foundational base, the bottom layer is made of a high-density support foam. Along with that, to enhance the great construction for the mattress, this layer is designed with 6 inches in thickness. Due to two aforementioned features, the bottom layer has ability to support its two top layers.
leesa mattress layers

Leesa mattress layers

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Unlike other mattresses, Leesa uses a single piece of fabric for the cover of Leesa mattress. For providing the comfort while sleeping, the fabric used is a breathable one, so it absorbs heat and provides cool feeling.

In addition, the name called a poly-lycra blend fabric is the same as a popular material used for making sports clothing, which is very stretchy and durable. Plus, because the fabric is fairly thick, it also makes itself more durable. Moreover, the seamless and four-stripe design helps Leesa mattress achieves its aesthetic goal.

leesa mattress layers review

Unique Features of Leesa Mattress

Due to the smart choosing the materials to combine together. The Leesa mattress features all the necessary features of a best mattress should have including comfort, firmness and support.

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To ensure the ability to provide the comfort, but doesn’t lose its necessary firmness, Leesa mattress is designed with a smart combination of high-performance materials. Each layer is made of a moderate thickness.

However, why does it has a thicker bottom than the rest? Using a solid and very thick layer for the top is never ideal because it can provide a pretty firmness, but never offers the softness and comfort while lying. That’s why two-inches in thickness are used for the top and middle layer but the thicker foam is used for the foundational base are a well-balanced mix.


Comfort is always a top priority when people choosing a mattress. Leesa knows this and choose Avena and memory foam for making above layers on purpose. It means Leesa wants to take advantage of the benefits of both of these great materials including ability to offer softness and bounce. Additionally, the top foam is perforated and convoluted. This features help itself have a great airflow.


Avena foam is possible to conform to your body shape and sleeping style, so you will feel the mattress lightly hug around your body instead of being trapped in the mattress. Due to this unique feature, the mattress is a great support for all kinds of sleeping positions. That’s why you are free from back and neck pain after getting up.


Leesa mattress pricing is fairly typical among factory direct mattresses. Comparing the Leesa to brick-and-mortar prices, you can expect to save $1,000-$2,000. When you combine the free shipping and the $100 discount link, it really is a compelling price point that is hard to match. Reading more mattress under 1000 dollars.

2/1/16 – Leesa just announced they are now shipping for free to Canada also!

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Tendency to Sink and Motion Transfer over Time of Using

There are many mattresses that have a tendency to sink easily soon after using, but it seems, Leesa shows its good ability to withstand all various positions and pressures.

If a sleeper has the average weight and normal lying position, Leesa mattress has a tendency to sink in moderate, which is just about 2 – 3 inches. It even performs its ability to bounce back to normal shape when sitting on the edge. In addition, Leesa mattress is possible to minimize motion transfer. For all those things being said, Leesa mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions and amorous activities.

Back and Neck Pain Issues that Relate to Using Leesa Mattress

If you go through Leesa mattress review left on some online shopping sites, you can easily come across some negative comments. They said that Leesa mattress is too firm, which caused soreness and stiffness when they got up in the morning. Though it is normal to find opinions like this when reading mattresses reviews, please read carefully and take your time to find more information to get the truth.

Back to the mentioned issue, many users also said that the back or neck pain problems only happened in their first days of use, and disappeared after 1 week of use. When their bodies were already adapted to the mattress, they felt no longer uncomfortable and had restful nights’ sleep. Also, those deciding on switching from their old mattress to Leesa due to their back pain could regain their deep sleep without any pain experiences.

leesa mattress layers reviews

Additional Information

There are some mattresses gone through its processes in different countries, but Leesa mattress is made of 100% in the USA. It is a result of great devotion and passion of master mattress craftsman & co-founder.

Interestingly, when there are ten Leesa mattresses sold, there is one mattress donated to a shelter that has people in need of a better place to sleep. Purchasing a Leesa mattress, you will get a better sleep, and also take part in a meaningful program. It’s a win-win.

Who May Need Leesa Mattress?

Leesa mattress itself is a quality mattress that can suit the requirements of picky purchasers. Especially, because Leesa mattress is not too firm or too soft, it is suitable for all sleeping positions, but as a high recommendation, here are those who need Leesa mattress:

  • People who are looking for a pretty firm mattress
  • People who need a mattress for couples
  • 100% the USA made is a propriety
  • People who are interested in helping those in need
  • People who seek for material that can conform to body shape like Avena foam


Overall, Leesa mattress is a quality mattress. It has a high quality of materials, smart combination of layers for maximizing your comfort and support. Plus, aesthetic look from the outer design will also make it outstanding in your bedroom. By the way, because this Leesa mattress review doesn’t focus on only nice things, so hopefully, this will be somewhat helpful in helping you make a purchasing decision.

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