Can You Put an Infant in a Stroller?

Believe it or not, but the perfect stroller ride for any baby largely depends on their age. That’s why age plays a key factor when it comes to seating your baby in a stroller and taking an evening walk to the grocery store.

Typically many stroller experts suggest that the best age to ride your baby in a stroller is at six months plus. But are there any exceptions? Can you start your baby on a stroller ride before they actually hit six months? Is it safe for them?

Well, the answer is yes, you can set your baby in a stroller before they hit six months. Basically, the reason why experts suggest six months is because at this time, your baby should be able to hold their head straight, change the head’s direction, and never get so much worn out from the ride.

While this is true, I have seen many instances where some babies could easily hold their heads up before they hit six months. They were able to crawl and move around freely too. Now with such exemptions I have seen their parents put them in a stroller before they actually knock six months.

Additionally, if your stroller can recline fully and lie straight, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t set your baby in the stroller before they actually hit six months. Usually, infants will spend most of their time sleeping as their bones and brain is still developing.

A stroller that reclines fully provides the same ideal setting for babies to lies straight in the stroller and possible have an awesome stroller nap along the ride. However if you have to put your baby in a stroller at this age there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Your Main Concern

If you have to put your baby in a stroller before they reach six months your major concern should be the following.

  • Keeping the baby stable
  • Supporting the baby’s back
  • Keeping the baby comfortable

Due to these three major factors you should always look for a sturdy stroller with a great suspension system. It should be able to absorb any form of shocks that might result from bouncing and prevent any jostling.

The seat like we mentioned before should recline fully to leave the babies back rested on the best position. The newborn should lie flat on their back. This is the only way to make sure that they are very much confortable all through.

What You Should Buy

Buy a stroller that clicks with a great infant car seat. Infant car seats and bassinets are great for kids who are less than six months. Using them also allows you to move the bay from the stroller to the car without having to change their position or waking them up.

However, if you still haven’t identified your best stroller you can opt for a sturdy stroller frame that your car seat can easily snap into. This should serve you for quite some time before you can buy a full prized baby stroller for your little angel.

What to Keep an Eye On

If you are the mom who never drives so much you can get a stroller with a bassinet instead. Such a stroller will allow you to easily lay your little angel down and hit the road without having to worry about any form of attachments, snaps, or adaptors.

Additional Tips

At the age of 6 months up to 8 or 12 months your baby could still be considered as an infant too. What this means is that you might still be forced to have a few accessories if you have to ride them in a stroller.

At this point your baby should easily sit in an upright position; therefore the stroller’s infant seat is much more important than ever before. Make sure the stroller seat has the following qualities.

  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Ideal support for the back
  • Neck/ head padding
  • Enough room for the baby to turn
  • Multi recline positions
  • Five point harness

Apart from having such a stroller, you will also have to start thinking about getting a complementary stroller that will serve your needs. Many parents at this point will want to spend more time with their kids, go for evening runs, go jogging, visit the park, and rush through the alleys.

Strolling is indeed the perfect chance to bond with your baby. It is therefore very important that at this point the stroller that you have can withstand the numerous terrains that you could go through.

Tip: Find a stroller seat that can easily change positions and face backwards and forward too. This will give you baby enough time to enjoy the surrounding scenery and also have some time to face you and bond with you.

I have used such strollers and they have some of the best experiences ever. If you want to savor every moment with your kid I would suggest getting this type of baby stroller with a sturdy design.

Here are a few tips that will help you to determine how study your stroller is before you set your baby in it.

  • Strong frame made out of steel alloy
  • Inflatable tires/ pneumatic stroller tires
  • Sturdy polymer wheels
  • Hard covered materials
  • Strong handles with rubberized grips
  • Stable foot rest along the rails


Putting your baby inside a stroller before they hit the age of six months can be challenging especially for a new parent. However if you have a bassinet, stroller frame, an infant car seat, or a travel stroller that fully reclines you should have the easiest time putting your infant into a stroller.

Now it’s time to get your best stroller and give your baby the best stroller experience. Click here and make a chose from some of the best brands, designs, and stroller types. Also make sure you share this post with your loved ones to give them a great experience with their young ones.

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