Lucid Mattress Review

Each individual has different needs and preferences for their own best mattress. That’s why we need mattress reviews to know more about the mattress that is right for us. As the purpose for this Lucid mattress review, I will offer you the details of Lucid mattress, I mean the 16″ thick mattress version.

In addition, you also know many useful things about Lucid mattress, it is about its warranty, trial period and other thickness levels.

Lucid Mattress’s Materials


This 16″ thick mattress is built from 4 different layers. They are the combination of latex and form, which aims to provide an optimal comfort for sleepers.

Lucid foam layers

Lucid foam layers

Top layer – the top is built from with very thin layer. That is 1″ Bamboo Charcoal memory foam layer. It sounds rare to find this material in mattresses. This special material offers three great things: first is the softness, it provides an ultra and plush feeling. Second, the bamboo helps to reduce heat retention. Third, the charcoal helps to get rid of odors contained in the mattress.

Second layer – this layer is made of 3″ memory foam layer. This layer is designed to provide pressure relief and deep compression support.

Third layer – a 2″ layer of natural Latex is used for this layer. This material is best known for great bounce and quick responsiveness. For placing latex for third layer, it aims to provide a good transitional support between the bottom layer and top layers.

Bottom layer – the bottom layer acts as a foundational base, it needs to be strong and firm. That’s why it comes in thick design, actually, it has 10 inches and a high density.


The material used for making the Lucid mattress’ cover is also unique. It is made of a blend of polyester (60%) and rayon (40%) that has been extracted from bamboo. These unique components make the cover very soft, breathable and cool.

In addition, Lucid also designs their cover with sturdier feel than the top fabric. To have this sturdiness, it needs to be constructed differently. That is a blend of a blend of polyester (60%) and viscose (40%).

Aesthetically, the cover is very unique due to the combination of many things. That unique look comes from the white, blue and green color palette. Also, the varied patterns and texture adds the unique feel as well.

Lucid mattress cover

Lucid mattress cover (top piece of fabric)

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Firmness, Support and Others

It seems there are many things to discuss about this Lucid mattress. All things seems unique as well.

Firstly, this is one of the thickest mattress you can find out there. Though it is very thick, the mattress is one of the most of soft mattresses. It gets the level 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale. For that said, the mattress tends to give more enveloped feel when lying on.

Lucid mattress firmness

Lucid mattress firmness

In addition, this thickness is beneficial to large sleepers who need greater deep compression than others. Along with that, side sleepers can get a good contour to every curve of their body as well. How about back sleepers? The softness won’t let the much sinkage around their hips, it is something acceptable, and back sleepers can lie on the mattress comfortably all night long. However, stomach sleepers may not feel comfortable when sleeping on this mattress because this seems to be too soft for them.

Secondly, the cons is it can cause potential heat retention. Aside from this, due to this softness, a pronounced sinkage is other cons of this mattress. However, to balance this issue, Lucid uses a smart solution by using bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam – a super breathable material for top layer and breathable cover. Both of these work well together to provide more cooling feel.

Overall, when lying on this mattress, you feel will a pronounced hug and softness right from the first touch. In addition, the sinkage is also very noticeable.

Additional Information

Warranty – it is common to see 10-year warranty from the mattress companies, but when purchasing Lucid mattress, you are given 25 years as a warranty.

Trial period – it is sad that Lucid won’t give you a long trial period, you just have 30 nights to use as a try or test.

Smell – this may disappoint you because Lucid mattress has a strong smell. Plus, it needs 7 – 14 days to completely get rid of the smell from the mattress.

Safety – The memory foam used in this mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, which means it is safe to health and friendly to environment.

Sizes – there are available 6 options for size including: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Other heights – aside from this 16-inch mattress, Lucid offers other heights as well like 5, 12, and 14 inches.

Price – ideally the prices of Lucid mattress is very cheap, as compared to high quality mattresses. Differences in size also leads to differences in price, however, the most expensive (California King) of them is just around $700.

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Who would Like This 16″ Thick Mattress from Lucid?

Each purchaser has different needs and preferences when choosing a right mattress. Here are those purchasers would like Lucid mattress.

  • Who looks for an ultra-soft feel. This softness provides a good contour to body curves
  • Who prefers more hug from the mattress when sleeping
  • Who are side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Who wants to have fairly tall mattress. 16 inches in thickness seems the thickest available in the market
  • Who seeks for a mattress that has a modern look, high quality but low price (mattress under 500 dollars)
  • Who cares about materials that is safe to health
  • Who looks for unique materials like Bamboo Charcoal memory as a change
  • Who considers a 25-year warranty is good
Lucid mattress reviews

King sized Lucid 16″ mattress on a platform bed base

Who would not Like Lucid Mattress?

  • Who has a preference for pretty firm feel
  • Who are stomach sleepers
  • Who takes a long trial period into their important consideration when choosing a mattress
  • Who hates very thick mattress
  • Who doesn’t want good sinkage in a mattress
  • Who are sensitive to strange smells also those who tend to hesitate when having to make a purchasing decision for Lucid mattress.


Is Lucid mattress right for you? If you are a soft mattress lovers, there aren’t many things to complain about Lucid mattress. The entirety of the mattress is completely well-constructed. The heat retention is smartly solved by the using of unique materials. In addition, the design for outer look is nice. Especially, the price is very ideal for a great mattress like this.

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