How to Deal with a Stroller-Hating Baby or Toddler

I love going out with my babies. Because of this I have always had a baby jogging stroller in my home ever since I got my first baby. And while the run has been entirely smooth, my third born gave me a bit of a shocker. Unlike her siblings before her, my girl wasn’t fond of the stroller at all.

Whenever I tucked her inside the stroller before going shopping, jogging, or for an evening walks, you had to anticipate some sort of a struggle. Pangs of screams, fidgeting, and quite often a high style resistance would always ensue.

It wasn’t easy for us at all. Good enough we managed to make her fall in love with the stroller rides again. I know many of you could be facing the same challenge with some of their kids out there. If you are you have come to the right place.

In this post I will share with you a number of tips that will help you to turn around any stroller hating kid to fall in love with those evening stroller rides once again. Read along to the last end for the best tips.

Check Baby’s Comfort

More often than not, many babies will scream, cry, or fidget if they stroller they are using isn’t comfortable. This is especially true if you are using a worn out stroller, with no paddings. Such strollers prick kids and leave them with high phobia for strollers.

It is important to find a comfortable stroller. Check your stroller for any damages. Make sure the stroller has enough padding. A reclining seat if usually a plus and so is a padded head rest. You must make sure the baby is comfortable all through the rides too.

Get to the Right Age

The recommended age that any baby should hit a stroller is at 6months plus. At this point the baby already has a well-developed neck and can hold their head up for long. They can also withstand longer rides in the stroller and enjoy the serene breeze.

Getting the baby at the right age in a stroller is vital for anyone who wants to get the best comfort for their baby. For physical and emotional comfort, the baby has to attain the recommended stroller age before they are put in a stroller for any type of ride.

Entertain Your Kid

Well it boils down to this! While the first two are basic principles, this one is creativity. You don’t want your baby to be bored. If they are they will easily turn that boredom to hating stroller rides. So what’s the best thing to do? Entertain your kid always.

If the baby is too young, you can hand playing toys inside the stroller. Colorful toys will do the trick. An older baby simply requires their toys, while an older one could have fun with animated pre-school songs on a tab, phone, or compact portable screens.

Give them a Bite Too

Snacks and simple bites could just be the right pacifier. Many older babies especially those who have knocked three years will really love this. You don’t have to give them so much. Just get enough bites for the ride.

The same applies for baby’s food and diapers. If you are going for a long ride, you will have to pack the babies milk, biscuits, oatmeal, and the like. You need to make sure that the baby rides in a full tummy whenever you hit the road.

Get a Plan B in Line

You can always have a plan B up your sleeves. Having a baby carrier for instance will do wonders. You can always make sure that you carry your baby around until they fall asleep before you tuck them inside the stroller.

Remain Friendly to the Kid

Certain parents will get worked up and shout at the baby. They will even force the baby onto the stroller. We all know you have the final say but that’s not a bonus when it comes to putting your baby onto a stroller.

Instead you should make the baby understand that sitting on a stroller is indeed a cool thing. Try being a friendlier than usual!

Allow Older Kids to Show the Way

Some people will call this bribery – well it’s not. From experience, I have learnt that younger babies will tend to copy what their older siblings do. Therefore, you can always allow the older siblings to get into the stroller first.

You can then ride them around the lawn. If you do this, you will be surprised how much you will be able to achieve. In fact, this is one the best tricks that got my baby into her best baby stroller. I used it for less than a week and she was already on the gear.


If putting your baby in their best baby stroller proving to be tough, don’t give up. Instead you can take a few tips right from my post here and try them out. You can always give yourself a timeline that will work for you before trying out the next option.

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