Help Your Child Change the World


If you have a little one who loves to put together puzzles, Caryn West has designed a beautiful alphabet puzzle that any child is sure to enjoy. The Teach the Children, Change the World puzzle promotes a message of peace, freedom, equality, and hope through the use of 26 compelling…

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Let Your Child Paint a Spirograph Canvas


Over the years, the Spirograph has inspired millions of young artists to develop their creativity. This paint your own canvas kit from Kahootz Toys takes the appeal of the Spirograph one step further by letting your child paint a canvas with a Spirograph inspired pattern. The set includes one 8…

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A Spirograph-Inspired Coloring Book


If your children like to color, the Spirograph coloring book from Kahootz Toys looks like a fun treat. The set includes an 8 x 8 coloring book with 24 different Spirograph inspired designs, eight colored pencils, and a built in storage tray. Although it’s hard to beat the fun of…

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A Fun Way to Master the Periodic Table


If you have kids who enjoy puzzles and science-themed toys, The Elements looks like a winner. The puzzle is of Theodore Gray’s photographic periodic table and is based on the bestselling The Elements book. It measures 36″ x 16″ when fully assembled. Each element in the periodic table is illustrated…

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Zoomer Is Almost as Cute as a Real Puppy

Zoomer Kitty

I’m not a fan of real puppies, but Zoomer is adorable. He can be trained to lay down, speak, sit, roll over, and play dead just like a real puppy, but he doesn’t poop, pee, or shed all over the furniture. That makes him a winner in my book! Zoomer…

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Whoonu Offers Quick and Easy Family Fun


If you’re looking for a quick and easy family game idea, I highly recommend Whoonu. This Cranium game challenges players to guess each other’s favorite things. Color coded point chips are awarded for the right answer and the winner is the person with the most points at the end. The…

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Which Team Hot Wheels Driver Is Your Son?


It amazes me that Hot Wheels keeps coming up with so many different play set ideas for kids. My son has a ton of different Hot Wheels tracks already, but he was thrilled when we had a chance to test out the new Team Hot Wheels Stunt Devils Action Arena.…

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