Do Strollers Have an Expiration Date?

Well I know that every parent wants the best for their kids and that’s just fair I must admit. However, I would comfortably buy an old stroller for my baby if I found one that’s still in good condition. What I don’t know is this…do strollers have an expiration date?

I do know that infant car seats do a have an expiry date attached to them. So if I found an old stroller that was bought with an expired car seat, is it still worth the chase? I did a little research and this is what I found out.

Strollers Never Expire

Unlike car seats, strollers don’t expire. So, No! Strollers have no expiry date. They can be used for 100 years more as long as they are still in the best condition.

You will agree with me that even if one of the stroller wheels was partially locked and moves like an old shopping cart, you’d still use the stroller. Only that this time around it would be a little less comfortable for lack of a smooth ride.

The same cannot be said of a car seat. Typically, an infant car seat is a safety gadget. To act efficiently (at 100%), you need every part and every gadget in the car seat to operate efficiently. Any slight damages cannot be ignored at all.

This is the reason why a car seat has a timeline while a stroller doesn’t. Damaged stroller parts for instance can be easily replaced starting from the simplest parts to the most complex section too. You can easily replace the following parts.

  • Fallen screws
  • The canopies
  • Handlebars
  • Wheels
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Storage baskets
  • Stroller fabric
  • Braking system
  • Suspension system
  • Swiveling wheels

Nonetheless, there are certain breakages that might force you to write of your stroller. If your stroller has multiple damages I would not advise you to repair the stroller. Instead, I would suggest hanging that stroller and buying another one.

Baby strollers also have warranties. For those that come with warranties, my advice is simple. Never do a personal repair if the warranty is still valid. Instead ship your stroller back to the manufacturer and get the best repair services there is.

Finally looking at the mark of quality is very important. If a stroller has no mark of quality, don’t buy it. It doesn’t matter how ideal it looks or how much in shape the stroller is. Always make sure that what you buy for your baby is indeed tested.

How to Buy a Secondhand Stroller

So if you are working on a budget and intends to buy your baby a secondhand stroller, here is what you have to look at.

  • Make sure the stroller is in good shape
  • If there is any damaged part make sure it can be repaired.
  • Make sure you have the brand and have gone through its reviews.
  • Ask for the stroller’s history (when it was bought and how long it has been used)
  • I suggest buying the stroller from someone you know (pal, colleague, and loved one)

Buying your stroller from someone that you know will help you to have a trustworthy seller who also cares about your baby. It might not be much but it’s a surety that you can actually depend on too.


Unlike an infant car seat, strollers have no expiry date. You can buy a secondhand stroller but still have the experience of a new stroller with a few fixes. However, I would recommend a new buy as your number one option. Check out this link to find some of the best strollers for your kids.

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