Purple Mattress Review

How amazing it is if you can find a mattress that is aesthetically beautiful yet comfortable to sleep soundly every night, right? I mean the mattress that makes you feel you sleep on it instead of sleeping in it.

However, do the best mattress reviews you might have read mention about Purple mattress? If not, keep reading this, my full purple mattress review is all the details of Purple mattress. If yes, you also need to read this, because there may be something in my mattress review that you’ve never heard of.

The Materials of Purple Mattress

Learning about the materials made of mattress is the way we know how good it is when compared to others. With Purple mattress, the construction is a combination of three distinct layers of foam and polymer. Plus, the total thickness of this mattress is a popular level, which is just about 9.5 inches.


Top layer – it is made of 2″ of a hyper-elastic polymer, but to offer the cool feeling, the top layer is designed with smart grid. It means instead of high-density feature, now it has webbed air pockets covered by a very thin fabric. This allows air to get through easily.

Along with offering breathability, this grid also acts as a supporter when putting pressure on the mattress. In addition, it is very elastic, when putting pressure, it collapses at a certain position but doesn’t affect the other parts.

The middle layer – 3.5″ of polyurethane foam is used for making the middle layer. This material is quite firm and it works as a transitional support and deep compression support.

The bottom layer – polyurethane foam is also the material used for the bottom layer, but this layer is thicker than than the rest – 4 inches in thickness.

Purple mattress layers

Purple mattress layers

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There is a compliment for the cover of Purple mattress, it looks very modern and the diamond patterns on it makes more luxury.

Purple mattress cover

Purple mattress cover

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Need more details about this nice cover? The cover of Purple mattress is made of a breathable material. It is a combination of viscose (27%), polyester (69%), and polyester-lycra (4%). Along with breathability, this fabric is very soft and stretchy. That helps it wrap the mattress tightly. In addition, the Purple logo embossed on the mattress’s sides is a nice design. Personally, for this outer look, the cover already achieves its arty effects.

Unique Features of Purple Mattress


There are several mattress reviews say that Purple mattress can meet the needs of sleepers. This is perhaps its pretty firm materials used for making bottom layers but the super-elastic material for the top.

Purple Mattress firmness


As being said, the top layer is very soft and elastic, the ability to spring back is super good. Hence, when lying, it easily conform to your shape. Hence, your spine is supported when lying on it. For this feature, it is nearly similar to the feeling of latex. Also, due to elasticity, it is better at pressure relief. Especially, the softness of the top layer is beneficial to stomach sleepers


Cool feeling is an important factor for a good night’s sleep. You never sleep comfortably with a mattress that build up heat. For that reason, Purple mattress offers cool feeling from the design and add an extra cool from its cover’s material.

It means the top layer is designed with smart grid, which lets air flow through the mattress easily. When combined with a breathable cover, it provides a double cool feeling.

Along with that, too firm mattress can cause a restless sleep, you might turn over and toss for getting the comfortable parts all night long. However, with Purple mattress, you will like you sleep on a mattress more than in it. That’s because of hyper-elastic polymer material is packed with great features including elasticity, softness and firmness. The ability to pop up back quickly to its normal shape is deniable.

Tendency to Sink

When seeking for Purple mattress reviews you can easily find out the videos that reviewers test the sinkage of this mattress. The test is done with various positions on the mattress such as lying back on the center, sitting on the edge, and standing in the middle.

Depending each part, the amount of sinkage is different. Also, the weight and size of the person who test matters as well. For a person of 140 pounds, the back lying leads to 2 inches of sinkage and sitting aggressively on the edge makes it sink far down into 4 inches. For more, put your keyword as Purple mattress or Purple mattress reviews on Youtube chanel search.

Purple’s Mattress hyper-elastic polymer material

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer material


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Who Needs Purple Mattress?

  • Wants a super cool feeling to sleep on comfortably every night
  • Wants a mattress that has a modern and luxury look
  • Cares much about polyurethane foam
  • Doesn’t like thick mattress
  • Needs a pretty firm enough mattress for side sleeper and back sleepers but still comfortable enough for stomach sleepers
  • Seeks for materials that is good at pressure relief
  • Wants a mattress that is less likely to sink when having sexual activities because the materials of Purple mattress has lower tendency to sink than memory foam
  • Likes USA-made products

Additional Information

  • Purple mattress offers 10-year warranty
  • It is made completely in USA
  • Non-toxic chemicals can be found in the mattress
  • 4 options for size including Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King
  • Trial period for 100 nights

FAQ About Purple Mattress

Question: Does this mattress has strong odor?

Answer:  It smells at first, but very slightly to notice.

Question: Is the Purple mattress cover washable?

Answer: Yes, It is machine washable.

Question: Do we need a box spring with Purple mattress?

Answer: it is unnecessary, slats or platform bed is ok. Even you can place it directly on the floor


Purple mattress is a mattress that achieves both aesthetically beautiful feature and high quality in function. Along with that, the mattress is safe to health due to non-toxic chemicals used in the process. Hopefully, this Purple mattress review offers all the necessary things you need about this mattress. Check more review about best mattresses under 1000 dollars at here.

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