Zinus Memory Foam Mattress Review

When purchasing something, there is always a group of people who takes price into an important considerations. They just need a mattress that doesn’t make them break their bank. For this priority, I highly recommend Zinus memory foam mattress, the 12-inch thickness version. If you also belong to this group, or just have a curiosity about this mattress, here is the full Zinus memory foam mattress review.

Zinus Mattress’s Materials


The Zinus mattress’s construction is built from 3 different layers with total 12 inches in height.

Zinus memory foam pressure relief mattress layers

Zinus memory foam pressure relief mattress layers

Top layer – this layer is made of a 3″ of memory foam. This layer aims to provide the softness and contour to every curve of sleepers.

Middle layer – 3″ of poly foam is used for making the middle layer. The poly foam has better firmness. In addition, this layer acts as transitional layer between the top foam and the base.

Bottom layer – this layer is made of a 6″ poly foam. This layer is acts as a foundational base and support the top layers. In addition, it is responsible for providing compression support for the mattress.


The Zinus mattress’s cover comes in all white tone and nice patterns on the fabric. In addition, the material used for making the cover is a breathable type. Especially, it is very elastic, which helps it wrap the mattress tightly. Aside from that, the design along each side is a bit different, it features mesh.

Zinus memory foam pressure relief mattress cover

Zinus memory foam pressure relief mattress cover

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Firmness Feel, Support and Others

It can be said that Zinus mattress is suitable for all sleepers. That’s because the firmness of the mattress is anywhere around 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. When you first lie down on the mattress, it is easy to feel the softness, it is a pronounced soft feeling. Certainly, the sinkage happens as well, but it doesn’t something as pronounced sinkage. Except you are a very heavy person with big size.

Zinus memory foam mattress firmness

Zinus memory foam mattress firmness

In terms of bounce, Zinus mattress doesn’t perform as well as its competitions. That means it has less bounce. However, it isn’t bad at preventing motion transfer. Hence, sleeping for two people, the movements makes unnoticeable.

How about heat retention? This is always a big concern of the majority of users when choosing memory foam mattress. It is not honest to say that this mattress doesn’t build up heat at all. The matter is whether it is anywhere you can be bearable. To answer this, if you are not hot sleepers, the heat retention is slight. Furthermore, due to the pretty firmness, you won’t be enveloped by the mattress, which reduces the heat absorption.

After all things considered, Zinus mattress may not packed with many outstanding features, but it is worth its price. No one of Zinus mattress’s sizes comes at over $400.

Additional Information

Warranty – like Leesa mattress, Purple mattress, Casper mattress and many others mattress companies, Zinus also provides 10 years for a warranty.

Trial period – you only have 30 nights to use the mattress as a test.

Certification – the memory foam is tested by CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content. This means the mattress is safe to health and environment.

Size – there are only 5 options for size including: Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Price – this is one of the cheapest mattress companies that offers low prices you can find out there. The cheapest one comes around $200, meanwhile, the most expensive one of all is around $400, it is even cheaper this price.

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Who would Need Zinus Memory Foam Mattress?

Any mattress has its own customers. For Zinus memory foam mattress, low price is the most outstanding thing that attracts its customers.

  • Anyone wants to purchase a mattress on a tight budget
  • Love memory foam mattresses
  • Who have a preference for medium firmness mattress
  • Who aren’t hot sleepers
Zinus memory foam mattress reviews

Zinus memory foam pressure relief mattress, King size

Who would dislike Zinus Memory Foam Mattress?

  • People like high-end mattresses
  • Anyone hates memory foam material
  • Who consider a long trial period is an importance when choosing the best mattress
  • People want a size that isn’t included the Zinus’s offer. Most mattress companies offer 6 – 7 options for size, but Zinus has just 5 options.


Though Zinus memory foam mattress is not something too outstanding to be noticed, the overall support it offers is good. It has medium firmness, good pressure relief and less sinkage.

In addition, perhaps, heat retention is still a big concern when choosing a memory foam mattress, but it is unfair to claim that Zinus memory foam mattress is too hot to sleep on. You may need to experience it yourself to have your own opinion. Bear in mind, this is one of the cheapest mattresses you can find.

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