How Long Should a Child Be in a Stroller?

A baby stroller is the easiest way any parent can spend more time with their babies. It can be used along trips and when basking out in the park. Today baby strollers are so much advanced that there are sporting strollers, joggers, and ultimate travel systems. The type of stroller that you pick is generally up to you and will precisely depend on your needs. But how long should your baby be in a stroller?

Basically, the length of time that you baby should be in a stroller will depend on what type of activity you are doing, what stroller design you are using, distance covered, and what age your baby is at. Let’s look at all these one by one.

Type of Activity

There are many types of activities that you can do with your jogging stroller. You could go for a walk, stroll, jog, or evening routine runs.

If you go for simple activities such as a walk or it may mean you stick around the neighborhood. This could mean you will be back soon.

At this point, your baby may stay for a very short time in the stroller. Runs and jogging on the other hand may mean quite some time.

You could stray far and might cover more ground. You should use the manufacturer’s manual to make sure that you get the best timing.

The simpler the activity, the shorter the timeline, and the shorter your baby will stay inside the baby stroller too. So keep this in mind.

Physical Condition

Some babies are born weak, others may have stronger muscles, and some have chronic diseases, while others are as healthy as they often come.

A weaker physical condition would mean you don’t want to expose your baby to a rigid seating position for a long time. This could hurt them and lead to more physical strain. The same applies to babies who have chronic illnesses too.

Physically strong babies are normally active and could easily with stand longer rides. Their counterparts on the other hand require you to consult with your doctor so you can determine when they can ride and for how long they should ride.

Manufacturer’s Instruction

Always make sure that you follow the stroller’s user manual. Many people usually ignore these manuals that strollers are easy to use.

Well, they are! However, you need to understand that strollers differ in types and designs and that understanding your type of stroller design is really important.

Certain manufacturers will also advice you on how long your baby should be in the stroller. This is really important as it leaves you with a clear picture of how long your baby can actually enjoy the ride.

Stroller Design

Ultimate baby travel systems come with fully recline seats. They also come with padded seats, and 5 point harnesses. At this point the stroller’s construction determines how much comfort your baby will get.

A much more comfortable stroller will mean an enjoyable ride for your baby. This ultimately guarantees longer stroller times as your baby really enjoys he ride and they don’t have to complain often too.

Fully reclined stroller seats are also good for people who want to put their kids in a stroller before they hit the recommended six month timeline.

At this point many infants will prefer staying in a flat position. Fully reclined seats will give them a flat surface on which the can actually lie on too.

Other strollers which don’t have fully recline seats will means shorter riding times as you don’t want to expose your baby to so much fatigue along the ride.

Distance Covered

The more distance you cover, the longer your baby will stay in the stroller. If your baby if younger you would prefer shorter rides say to the shopping mall, for groceries, and additionally just around the block.

Longer distance are ideal with babies who have grown fond of the stroller and who no longer complain, cry, scream, or fidget a lot during the ride.

Age of the Baby

Older babies can easily withstand loner rides and different terrains. They can easily take long inside the stroller as compared to infants who can hardly seat.

Babies who are older than six months have their neck bone stronger and they can easily hold their head for long. They can also sit for quite a while compared to the infants.

However, the best kids who will take the longest time frame in a stroller are usually the ones between 18 – 24 months. At this point your baby is an independent kid who can easily hope in and out of the stroller.

At this point both of you can enjoy loner rides with many things to catch along the way. I would suggest longer shopping spree for city moms and more exploration for the country side parents. This is the ultimate stroller time!

What To Remember

If the parent is strong enough they will also push their babies around for longer durations. As a parent you should train your hands, muscles, and legs in order to give you kiddo the best stroller rides ever.


How long your baby stays in a stroller depends mostly on these factors that we have highlighted in this post. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you catch the best stroller moments whenever you are riding with your kids. Follow this link to learn more on what a stroller mom really needs.

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