IKEA Mattress Review

IKEA is very popular in the mattress market because of many things, but one of most outstanding things is the very low price of the mattresses. In addition, most of IKEA mattress has firmness level on firmness scale. This helps it more suitable for the majority of sleepers.

However, purchasers can feel confusing a bit when choosing IKEA mattresses, because IKEA offers a line of 15 different mattresses. To help you know more about IKEA mattress, this is my purpose for offering the IKEA mattress reviews for you.

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IKEA mattress right for you

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IKEA Mattress Similarities

IKEA offers 15 different mattresses. Each mattress is constructed with its unique way, but they still have their common similarities.

Manufactured in Sweden – all IKEA mattresses are designed and built in Sweden.

Warranty – IKEA offers years as a warranty. According to this warranty, IKEA will be responsible for defects in the materials or workmanship but won’t cover normal wear and tear.

Trial period – IKEA provides the customers 365 days as a trial period. If you feel the mattress is too firm or too soft or just don’t like it, you can return it back to IKEA or change for another. Be sure the mattress remain cleanness and undamaged condition.

Shipping – the fee for shipping IKEA mattress to your door may be different, depending on the city or state where you are located.

Recycle program – if you purchase any mattresses from IKEA, you can have your old mattress recycled by IKEA for free.

Firmness Feel

When choosing IKEA mattresses, it is easy to have your right choice because IKEA provides a variety of firmness levels. Also, IKEA is where you can find different types of mattress including all poly foam, foam combined with latex and innerspring mattress type. Two mentioned things helps IKEA suit the needs of the majority of sleepers. Especially, those who loves the pretty firm mattress, won’t have difficulty when finding their right mattress.

IKEA mattress firmness

IKEA mattress firmness

Now, we look closer at the firmness level.  Mostly, IKEA mattresses has pretty good firmness. This means there is no mattress provides soft or very soft feeling. The softest of all we have is Holmsbu mattress.

As for medium firm. It ranges from 6 – 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, IKEA has 4 mattresses including Morgongåva, Hasvag, Hesstun, and Hjellesta. Plus, these mattresses are mostly built from coils. Meanwhile, there are 7 IKEA mattresses, offering a pretty firm feeling including Myrbacka, Matrand, Morgedal, Meistervik, Minnesund, Haugsvar, Hesstun. In addition, most of these mentioned pretty medium mattresses are made of poly foam and memory foam.

IKEA Mattress Comparison

The following tables show the comparisons between each of the foam and coil mattresses. Each table highlights the major functional components of each IKEA mattress.

IKEA Foam Mattresses

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IKEA Innerspring Mattresses

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IKEA Morgedal Mattress Review


The Morgedal mattress is a 6.25″ foam and constructed from two layers of foam.

Morgedal mattress layers

Morgedal mattress layers

Top layer – this layer is designed from a 3.75″ layer of polyurethane foam with a density of 2.2 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). This layer will provide you softness and pressure relief.

Bottom layer – this layer is built from a 2.5″ layer of base foam, but the density of foam comes in 1.7 PCF. This foam is quite firm and it acts as a foundational base.


The Morgedal mattress’s cover is made of a combination of cotton (36%) and polyester (64%).  The benefits of this combination are included softness, breathability and durability. In addition, the cover is designed to be fairly thin, making sleepers feel the top layer underneath easily.

Morgedal mattress reviews

Morgedal mattress reviews

As aesthetic speaking, the cover looks nice in white. Along with that, the side panels comes in grey tone. This contrastive tone is very popular among online mattresses. Plus, it has handles on the sides, making it handier when moving the mattress.

Firmness Feel, Support and Others

If we rate 10 as the firmest level of firmness scale, Morgedal comes as 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It means it is pretty firm. This makes it ideal for stomach sleepers. However, this is not a good mattress for deep compression support. Due to this issue, heavy sleepers may not find enough support when sleeping on this mattress.

Morgedal mattress firmness

Morgedal mattress firmness

In addition, in terms of bounce, the poly foam used for the top perform well for providing bounce. Especially, it is better than memory foam mattresses. Along with this, the pretty firm level allows it to have little sinkage.

Who would Like Mordegal Mattress?

  • Who prefers pretty firmness. Mostly, they are stomach sleepers, and heavy sleepers
  • Who looks for little sinkage
  • Who seeks for a cheap mattress. Read guide choose queen mattress sets under $200
Morgedal mattress review

Angled view of the Morgedal mattress


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IKEA Hasvag Mattress Review

Along with foam mattresses, IKEA has innerspring mattresses, and this IKEA Hasvag Mattress is the most popular one.


IKEA Hasvag Mattress comes in 6.75 inches in thickness and is constructed by the combination of foam and coils. Let’s go into its details!

Hasvag mattress layer

Hasvag mattress layer

Top layer – this layer is made of a 1.25″ layer of polyurethane foam. In additional, the foam has a density of 1.5 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). This layer is designed with ambition to provide soft feeling and pressure relief.

Bottom layer – this layer is made of 5.5″ layer of steel coils. Also, there are 375 Bonell coils inside the mattress (Queen size). This layer is responsible for providing support and contour to your body. In addition, the coils helps to add more cooling feel for the mattress and offer more bounce.

Edge support – to make the edge stronger support, a 5″ layer of poly foam designed along the corners of the mattress. In addition, the foam has a density of 1.7 PCF.


The cover of IKEA Hasvag Mattress is made of a combination of cotton (43%) and polyester (53%). This combination provides a good breathability and great softness. Overall look is nice with white and grey tones, but is not something as luxury feel. The sides also feature the handles, which makes them helpful when needing to remove the mattress.

Hasvag mattress cover

Close up shot of the Hasvag mattress cover

Firmness Feel, Support and Others

If rating 10 as the firmest level, IKEA Hasvag mattress comes at 6.5 out of 10 on firmness scale. It means the mattress offers medium firmness. In addition, this firmness level make Hasvag mattress suitable for the majority of sleepers. Back, side and stomach sleepers can find the comfortable feeling when lying down on the mattress all night long. However, heavy sleepers may need to consider when choosing this mattress. The deep compression support is not as great as other mattresses.

Hasvag mattress firmness

Hasvag mattress firmness

What else? The most ideal feature comes in its bounce. It is easy to push back when placing the pressure. Along with that, the edge is quite strong due to its unique design. In addition, this is also the mattress that you can see little sinkage. But it is less sinkage, as compared to Morgedal mattress.

Who would Like Hasvag mattress?

Hasvag mattress review

Angled view of the Hasvag mattress


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If you are looking for a mattress but have a tight budget, take IKEA mattresses into your considerations. All IKEA mattresses comes at very low price, which no brand can’t beat. In addition, the IKEA offers a variety of firmness levels, which allows you to choose the right firmness easily.

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