Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

best mattress for stomach sleepers

Many people are into sleeping on their stomach. There is nothing wrong with this preference unless you are sleeping on an improper mattress. This means how important it is when it comes to choosing the best mattress for stomach sleepers. To be clearer, keep reading! You can read our review about top mattress for side sleepers 2018

Sleeping Issues You may Face when Sleeping on Stomach

Many stomach sleepers may put you into risks of experiencing some types of pain, including neck, back, and joints. This pain can affect the quality of your sleep. Consequentially, you get up the next morning with tiredness, and pain.
In addition, sleeping on stomach can make you difficult to maintain the neutral spine position. That’s because this sleeping position places a strain on your back and spine. And, most of your weight are placed in the middle of your body. This results in stress on the spine and other structures on your body. The symptoms can be the tingling and numbness.

Along with that, when sleeping on stomach, you need to turn your head to the side. This makes your neck twisted because your head and spine are out of alignment. Over time, this can cause neck problems. Lastly, pregnancies are those who are more likely to experience sleeping issues due to sleeping on their stomach.

What Makes Stomach Sleepers Have a Restful Sleep Every night?

To be comfortable all night long, stomach sleepers need a proper mattress and pillow to eliminate the negative effects of stomach sleeping. This means stomach sleepers need a proper support for back, a medium to slight firmer feel, and the comfort from a right pillow.

What Firmness is good for Stomach Sleepers?

Unlike others, stomach sleepers create fewer gaps between the body and the mattress. When taking firmness into considerations, stomach sleepers would feel supportive if the firmness is on the medium to slightly firmer level, around 4 – 7 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the firmest).

If stomach sleepers sleep on softer or firmer mattresses than this range, they are more likely to experience back pains, or make your back pain become worse.

Additionally, as important as a best mattress, a right pillow will keep the stomach sleeper’s body stay as flat as possible. This means stomach sleepers would need thinner pillows than others. That’s because very high pillow will elevate the head too much, causing pressure points and spinal misalignment of neck.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers 2018 on Amazon

When it comes to choosing a mattress for stomach sleepers, it is confusing a bit to choose the best one in a maze of choices. Especially, when mattresses always come with many exaggerated claims. With that in mind, this following list of best mattresses for stomach sleepers is hand-picked, which not only suits the needs of stomach sleepers but also comes from the reputable companies.

1. Leesa Mattress

The first feature that make Leesa mattress suits the need of stomach sleeper is its slightly firm feel. If 10 is the firmest level on the firmness scale, Leesa mattress lands at 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Along with that, Leesa mattress has many great features that would please you right after the first sleep. One of them is its top layer. This is made of Avena foam, which acts the same as latex. When lying, your body shape will be contoured and gently hugged, but not sunk into the mattress too far. In addition, the mattress also allow you to feel the pronounced bounce and responsiveness. Lastly, the cover is soft to touch and breathable to feel cool all night long.

leesa mattress layers

Leesa mattress layers (top to bottom): 2″ of Avena foam, 2″ of memory foam, 6″ of high density support foam

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2. Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep has several mattresses designed with different firmness levels. For the needs of stomach sleepers, Amerisleep Americana mattress is the best choice. This mattress is designed to provide slightly firm feel, which is at 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. What makes Americana’s construction unique is it has only two layers of foam. In addition, the foam used for top layer is called Bio-Pur memory foam. This a plant-based memory foam with an advanced open cell structure. Due to this unique material, the mattress can breathe well. What’s more? The mattress can also provide a nice contour and hug feel, but keep the body on top.

Amerisleep Independence foam layers

Amerisleep Independence foam layers

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3. Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf is a 12-inch mattress and constructed from 4 different layers of foam. What makes it different from others is the unique feature of each layer. Top layer is a conforming gel foam, meaning the foam is good at conforming to your body shape and cooling due to the gel infusion. The second layer is visco-elastic memory foam, and has a density of 5.0 PCF. This material makes the layer is perfect at providing comfort and preventing sleepers from being sunk down into the mattress. The third layer is a great transitional layer. Lastly, the bottom layer is a high-density support foam for a strong base.

Loom & Leaf mattress layers

Loom & Leaf mattress layers (top to bottom) – 2″ conforming gel foam, 2.5″ visco-elastic memory foam, 2″ transitional support layer, 5.5″ high-density support layer

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4. Purple Mattress

Purple can catch your eyes right from its aesthetic look. It is very nice, luxury and modern in its white color scheme and diamond patterns. Noticeably, the cover is constructed from a blend of Polyester, Viscose and Lycra. This unique blend makes it very soft, breathable. And Lycra allows the fabric to be very stretchy, which is the same as found in sports clothing.

More importantly, as the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, Purple has medium firmness, which comes around 6 – 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The hyper-elastic polymer used for top layer is very good at providing comfort and contour. Along with that, the design of grid structure allows air to flow easily through the mattress. Hence, Purple mattress is very cool to sleep on.

layers of purple mattress

Layers of purple mattress

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5. Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is constructed from three layers of foam and totals 10 inches in thickness. What makes this mattress unique is its Titanflex foam used for top and second layer. This foam has many similar feels to latex, meaning it provides great bounce and responsiveness.

In terms of firmness, Brooklyn Bedding mattress offers 3 different firmness levels, including soft, medium and firm. Due the specific needs of stomach sleepers, firm feel will be the right choice for them. Especially, while other mattresses tend to struggle with edge support, Brooklyn Bedding performs well in providing strong edge support. Lastly, though the mattress has no gel infusion, but the heat retention of this mattress is bearable. This makes it more ideal to sleep.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress layers

Brooklyn Bedding mattress layers

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To be comfortable on the mattress with our specific sleeping position all night long is important. This requires us to be smart in choosing what mattress to sleep on. The maze of choices out there sometimes makes us confusing. With that being said, hopefully, stomach sleepers now has better choice for a best mattress.

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