Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

Needing a mattress that can offer a cooler feeling for never sweating at nights? Loom & Leaf mattress is the right one to pick. Furthermore, this is also a type of mattress that can increase the level of height for the mattress.

But if you still need more information about this cooling mattress, take your time to read my full list of Loom and Leaf mattress reviews. This is a focus on every detail of Loom & Leaf mattress. Along with that, that is my recommendation who should pick this mattress, it also is best mattress under $1000 so you can choose. Read more https://www.smartmompicks.com/best-mattress-under-1000/

The Materials of Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf mattress review - king size

Loom and Leaf mattress has 4 different foam layers all totaling 12 inches. This seems fairly thick when comparing to others. Let’s see the details of each layer!

Construction of Loom and Leaf Mattress

Top layer – the material used for the top layer is a conforming gel foam type – a high-quality one. It comes with 2 inches in thickness at a moderate level for enough softness but still firmness. But what makes this mattress special and different from others is the cooling gel spinal panel. It is done by a “gel-swirl” construction technique, which helps the gel to be penetrated evenly through the thick foam.

Thus, the layer ensures the ability to maximize the cool feeling for sleepers. Lastly, the top layer is also convoluted, which allows air to flow through the foam, so the sleeper can avoid sweating while sleeping.

The second layer – if the top layer focuses on providing the cool feeling, the second layer focuses on the comfort. That’s why 2.5″ of visco-elastic memory foam is used. Plus, this layer comes with a density of 5.0 PCF – a great density for firmness.

The third layer – this layer works a transitional support. For the thickness, it is designed with 2 inches.

The bottom layer – as many other mattresses, the thickest layer is used for making the foundational base. This is done purposely because the bottom layer needs to support its top layers. It enhances the great construction for the entirety of mattress. Hence, the 5.5″ is an ideal thickness for this layer. Also, the high-density foam is a further support.

Loom & Leaf mattress layers

Loom & Leaf mattress layers

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The cover of Loom & Leaf mattress offers a soft feeling to touch. That’s because it is made of 100% organic cotton – a breathable and soft material. In addition, it is quilted and embroidered. Along with that, the cover also is crafted by using natural thistle flame retardant. Meanwhile, the tan side panels come as nice design for the look. All features are designed in a perfect harmony. Furthermore, the handles along the side come as a helpful feature for removing the mattress. Overall, from an aesthetic and convenient-purpose perspective, no detail is unnecessary.

Loom & Leaf mattress cover

Loom & Leaf mattress cover

Unique Features of Loom & Leaf Mattress

Each mattress has its unique features, which aims to provide the most comfortable feeling for sleepers. Those things are not similar. For the designing Loom & Leaf mattress, here are things that make it different.

Loom & Leaf mattress firmness


The comfort of Loom & Leaf mattress comes in different features including: first, the gel layer used on the top, which seems very rare to be found in mattresses of other brands, though they still claim their mattresses features an extra cool. This helps to significantly reduce the heat. Also, Loom and Leaf don’t forget to have it convoluted feature as adding a further cool feeling.

Second, the two top layers are combined nicely. Both of them are the great ones for softness. Furthermore, visco-elastic memory foam can offer the mattress spring. Hence, when putting pressure, it can pop back quickly. Overall, soft but not too soft to sink down into the mattress is a must and the top layers already meet this requirement.


Using 3 – 4 inches of specialty foam like memory foam for top layer seems more popular in most mattresses, but Loom and Leaf mattress uses up to 6.5″ of specialty foams and gels for its top. However, the top layer is a three-distinct-layer combination. Not all the layers are the same. To achieve the desired firmness, Loom & Leaf uses different levels of materials with different levels of density and thickness.


The materials used for Loom & Leaf mattress is possible to conform to your body and support the proper spinal alignment. Especially, the mattress can be suitable for nearly all kinds of sleeping positions due to its moderate firmness.


Loom & Leaf mattress has a tendency to sink when putting pressure on it. However, it depends on the different levels of heaviness and sizes, the levels of sinkage happen differently. For an individual of average size and weight, when lying on the center of the mattress, it has about 2 – 3 inches of sinkage.

In addition, sitting on the edge of the mattress, the amount of sinkage is deeper. However, due to the high-density foam type of material, the mattress is quite good at returning its normal shape.


I was more than a bit surprised by the price on the Loom & Leaf. The materials used to create this mattress are not cheap, especially the gel layers and higher density foams. The price point on the Loom and Leaf creates a really solid value.

Which is the Best Sleeping Position that Loom and Leaf mattress offer?

There are two options for comfort, depending on your preference of sleeping position including L&L relaxed firm and L&L firm. The L&L offers a medium level firmness and the other is pretty firm.

  • Side sleepers – these are supposed to sleep on the pretty firm mattress, so both L$L relaxed and L$L firm mattress are suitable.
  • Back sleepers – L&L relaxed firm mattress is an ideal one
  • Stomach sleepers – these sleepers need a softer mattress than the rest, that’s why L&L relaxed firm mattress is more suitable for them
Loom & Leaf mattress logo

Loom & Leaf mattress logo

Additional Information

  • Loom & Leaf mattress offers a warranty for 15 years, which is more than other mattresses
  • The mattress is totally made in the USA, which also makes it more trustworthy
  • The mattress has slight smell when it is first delivered to your home, but then it is gone within 24 hours
  • The foam used for making the mattress is an eco-friendly type and the cover is made of an organic cotton, both make Loom & Leaf mattress more ideal for health and environment
  • Some online shopping sites offer 120 days of trial period when purchasing Loom & Leaf mattress online.
Loom & Leaf mattress cooling gel lamented layer

Loom & Leaf mattress cooling gel lamented layer

Who should Take Loom & Leaf into Considerations?

  • Those who need a mattress that has a luxury look in design
  • Those who love a mattress
  • Those who are looking for cooler mattress
  • Those who love to sleep on their side and back. Though I mention the stomach sleeper can use this mattress above, it is not as highly recommended for side and back sleepers
  • Those who sleep with their partner
  • Those who are fans of USA products
  • Those who are interested in eco-friendly products
Angled view of the Loom & Leaf mattress

Angled view of the Loom & Leaf mattress


There are many Loom & Leaf Mattress reviews out there, both trustworthy ones and crappy ones. Therefore, it is lucky to find the good ones. For this review, I try to be as objective as possible, it means I gather as many trustworthy sources of reviews as possible, watch videos of mattress reviews, and read all negative and positive feedbacks of customers from online shopping sites as well.

After all, things I did as a way to offer an objective assessment, all say that Loom & Leaf mattress is a quality mattress in general. The drawbacks found are not noticeable.

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