How to Maintain Clean and Fresh Bedroom Pillows

You probably wash your comforters once a month and bed sheets every week or so.. But how often do you spruce up the soft rectangular clouds that you use to rest your head on every night?

If you can’t remember when that notable event had last happened, then you’re at the right place. For starters, the bedding fans behind the casper mattress review recommend to steam clean it at least once every 4 months and to wash your pillows at least two times a year, but you should definitely up that count if you live in a more humid environment. But first, let us answer one simple question.

Why Should You Bother Cleaning Your Pillows?

After all, you regularly wash your pillowcases, so that should be enough, right?

Well, recent research has unequivocally shown that they are a very hospitable place for dust mites (check here). According to the researchers, the dead skin, dust mites and their excreta found on your pillow in two years will equal ⅓ of its total weight! This is very bad news for allergy sufferers worldwide, and especially for those who are highly allergic to the proteins contained in dust mite waste.

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How to Clean Down, Synthetic, and Cotton Pillows

What’s a down pillow?

If you asked this question while reading the heading, here’s your answer. The only difference between down pillows and regular ones is that it is filled with poultry feathers, in other words with wing and back feathers from ducks and geese. Alright, let’s move on to the actual cleaning.

Check the pillow care tag

Regardless of what type of pillow you own, always, always make sure to read the contents on the care label first. For example, some tags may state that your pillow can be machine washed, while others still will insist that hand washing is the only available option, so it pays to be careful.

If you are doing machine washing:

  1. Start by removing the pillowcase (you can throw it into your washing machine as well).

  2. Check for torn areas. If you notice any, wash the pillow by hand to avoid further damage.

  3. Always wash at least two pillows together – this will keep your washer balanced.

  4. Add a mild detergent and set the washing machine on the gentle cycle.

  5. Set your tumble drier on a low heat setting and occasionally fluff and turn the pillows.

If you are washing by hand:

  1. Use a bathtub or a round wash basin big enough to fit your pillow along with some water.

  2. Add water and a mild detergent and stir the water until the soap has fully dissolved.

  3. Submerge your pillow and start scrubbing any visible stains as gently as possible.

  4. Take the pillow outside to air out. You can also use your dryer on the medium setting. If you do, take the pillow out and fluff it every 30 minutes to avoid any potential damage.

How to Clean Foam Pillows

  1. Carefully the cover and wash it by closely following the instructions on the care tag.

  2. Collect any accumulated dust by vacuuming both sides with an upholstery attachment.

  3. Spot-clean stains using a cloth and a lathery solution, then wipe with a damp cloth.

  4. Place the pillow in a tumble dryer on an air-only cycle and leave it there for 20 minutes.

  5. Leave the pillow outside and let it fully dry out before placing it back on your mattress.

Three Bonus Machine Washing Tips

If you can confidently place your pillow inside a washing machine, do give it a try. The professionals doing regular cleaning at told us that there are a few more cleaning techniques for you can use to make this chore even simpler. Here’s what we got:

  1. You can roll up your synthetic pillows from their lengthier side and use rubber bands to keep them in place. This will ensure that the synthetic fibres will not clump up as often.

  2. When presented with a choice between a liquid and a powder-based detergent, always go for the liquid. That’s because powders tend to leave unpleasant residue behind.

  3. When tumble drying your pillows, adding dry towels will speed up the process. Placing a few tennis balls inside as well will ensure that the pillow filling will be evenly distributed.

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When Should You Invest in New Pillows?

You can only sustain the freshness of your pillows for so long. If you’re having the suspicion that it’s time for you to head to the nearest store, try to fold your pillow in half. If it remains folded instead of springing back into shape, then it’s time for you to fetch a new plushy replacement.

Another way in which you can tell if your pillow has outlived its usefulness is if you’re constantly complaining from a sore back or an aching neck. And, if you have to wrestle your pillow every night before going to bed just to make it stay fluffed up… well, you already know the answer.

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