How To Clean Stroller Fabric- Expert’s Guidelines

So, you’re enjoying your time with your little ones. Taking your kids to the park, sandy beaches or to a petting zoo- stroller makes all of these tasks easier for you. But your stroller tends to get so dirty and even house germs. Besides, because of outside uses, your stroller can start looking really grimy and messy.

Medical studies confirm that to ensure the good health and well-being of your child, it’s essential to disinfect and clean strollers regularly. Especially you need to clean the stroller fabric at least once a week.

Don’t be worried.

In our article, we’re going to show you the very simple step-by-step process to clean stroller fabric.

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Definitely, you’ll be able to learn some tips and techniques on how to clean stroller fabric to get the deepest clean you can.

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How To Clean Stroller Fabric

Why Cleaning Stroller Fabric Is Important

Undoubtedly, a baby stroller is a very useful product for both you and your baby. If you’re active parents, definitely you need to use the stroller frequently. Consequently, your child comes into contact with the stroller’s fabric regularly.

The stroller seat and fabric get dirty over the course of a few months. They get dirty in different ways. The little passenger sleep in it, eat in it and soil his diaper in it. Drinks, food, saliva and other contaminants are common that make the stroller fabric dirty.

It may happen that food crumbles get into the fabric when you kids are having while seating in the stroller. The residue of leaky diapers also stains the fabric. As can be seen, the stroller fabric tends to get dirty pretty faster than other parts of a stroller.

As a parent, you should want your baby’s environment to be sanitary and clean. According to medical reports, hundreds of germs such as viruses, microscopic bacteria and fungi may grow on the unsanitary stroller fabric. The seat and fabric have the potential to be germ-breeding grounds. These germs may cause child disease. Hence, to keep your precious baby safe and healthy, it’s essential to clean the stroller and stroller fabric regularly.

The Proper Time To Clean Stroller Fabric

It’s true that most of the parents decide to clean the stroller fabric far too late. As a result, the cleaning task becomes pretty tough. It adds up not only fatigue level, but also time spent. Obviously, it’s not a favorable scenario for you.

The easy way is to investigate the fabric along with different parts of the stroller when you back to the home. If you notice any food crumbles fall on the seat fabric, clean it immediately. For wet messes, like chocolate, sauce, or ice cream, clear the majority of the mess as soon as possible.

How To Clean Stroller Fabric- Step By Step Guidelines

Our stroller expert shares her strategies to clean stroller fabric.

Step 1: Read The Instruction

To know the cleaning instruction, carefully read the manual. It’ll help you to determine whether the stroller fabric is removable or not.

Step 2: Arrange The Necessary Tools

Collect the necessary tools that you may require to clean the stroller fabric. You may need-

  • Screwdriver
  • Dust Brush
  • Hand vacuum
  • Baby-safe soap
  • Luke warm water
  • Terry-cloth towels
  • Large bowl or bucket
  • Toothbrush

Step 3: Remove The Fabric

If the padded portions of your stroller such as canopy and seat cushions are removable, remove them by hand. You may use a screwdriver to remove the bolts that hold the fabric down.

Step 4: Brush Away The Food Crumbles

Use your hand to wipe away the larger pieces of food crumbles. Brush away the smaller loose debris. If they still remain, use a vacuum.

Step 5: Vacuum The Smaller Debris

Suck up all the loose debris from the fabric surfaces with a handheld vacuum. Run the vacuum more than one time to remove any other unidentified dirt. You have to pay more attention to the area where the stroller back meets the bottom of the seat.

Step 6: Refresh The Fabric

Mix the mild soap with cold water. With a damp cloth, give a good cleaning to the entire fabric and canopy. Scrub the soiled area (if any) using a soft brush or toothbrush.

Step 7: Wash The Fabric

If the canopy and seat aren’t detachable, hand wash them. Soak a damp towel with baby safe-soap and lukewarm and run the damp towel all over the fabric. If the machine wash is recommended, using a gentle cycle wash the canopy and seat.

Step 8: Treat The Stains

If stains still remain after the cleaning, wet the spot thoroughly. Spray the target spot directly using a stain removing spray. Scrub the spot with a small brush.

Step 9: Treat The Mold

Thoroughly, check the fabric and foam of the stroller for mold. It’s wise to bring the stroller outside to clean it. If you found any moldy area, scrub it with gentle soap and water.

Step 10: Dry The Fabric

Using a dry towel, wipe away the excess soap and water. Leave the fabric in a warm place for several hours. Avoid machine drying.

Cleaning Stroller Fabric-Tips and Techniques

  • To treat the larger molded area, mix two parts water and three parts white vinegar and spray over the area.
  • To treat mold with white or light color fabric, use chlorine bleach (2 tablespoons) and water (1 quart).
  • Try to store the stroller properly to prevent any kind of damage while not using it.
  • Never store or fold the stroller when damp or wet.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


Hopefully, you’ve found the excellent ways to clean your stroller fabric.

Follow these simple and most effective steps. Undoubtedly, you’ll have your stroller looking new in no time.


If you want your stroller to last for a long time, you should clean and maintain it properly.

So, Are You Ready For Your Next Adventure With Your Little Angel?

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