Best Mattress for Kids

Shopping the best mattress for kids shouldn’t be considered as a hard job, but you shouldn’t also overlook it. There aren’t much different from choosing the best mattress for adults, the things that you should emphasize are below.

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What’s the best mattress for kids? Find out below!

Choosing the Mattress Size

This seems the most concerned factor of parents when choosing a mattress for their kids. Many parents just try to find out the size that helps them save every penny as possible, while others just want to ensure the mattress is roomy enough for their kids.

So, what those things to consider in terms of mattress size? We know that the best mattress generally lasts 10 years before it needs to be replaced. This also means a mattress can be used through childhood’s years of a kid.

Also, we know that kids grow very fast. This results in that they will outgrow their current mattress size. This means the smaller the mattress size, the faster your kid doesn’t fit the mattress. Hence, if your kid is ready to switch from baby crib to a bed, Twin, Twin XL, or Full-size mattresses would be the right choices to go. Here the detailed dimensions of each size:

Best Mattress sizes for Kids

  • The dimensions of a twin mattress usually comes around 38 x 75 inches
  • The Twin XL mattress is longer than a standard twin mattress, usually adding five inches to the length of the mattress, for total 38 x 80 inches in dimensions
  • The full size has the same length as the twin mattress, but it has more room due to the extra width. The dimensions usually comes around 53 x 75 inches

Note: The difference in size leads to the difference in price. Mostly, the bigger the mattress size is, the more expensive the price is.

Comfort and Support Factors

Like adults, kids can also experience several poor sleep-related issues if sleeping on low quality mattress.  Several of them are sleep deprivation, and soreness. All of these can come from the improper firmness level, warm feeling, or else.

So, Firm Versus Plush Feel, Which One is Better?

There is no only one firmness level suitable for all. This depends on each child’s preference and each kid’s body weight.

  • Plush feel will create more hug feel and linkage. This is the good choice for kids who weigh less 25 pounds.
  • Medium will be suitable for the majority of kids who weighs 25 – 31 pounds
  • Lastly, we have the firm feel, this is beneficial to kids that sleep on their stomach.

How About Support?

It is common to understand comfort and support are the same. It turns out to be wrong. Comfort emphasizes on the overall feel and the right firmness that a mattress offers, while support of a mattress will allow your kid to maintain a good spinal alignment during the night. When choosing the best mattress for kids, this seems to be more important because kid’s bones are still in the process of growing. Any hindrance exists would inhibit the normal growth of your kid’s spinal alignment.

Best Material for Kid’s Mattress

There is a myriad of choices for materials of kid’s mattress. Memory foam, latex, pocket spring, or hybrid mattress, each comes with pros and cons. You should be comfortable with your own preference because there is no material to be so-called the best material for a kid’s mattress. If needing to consider, just learn the upsides and the downsides of each material.

I would not like to mention them again because the information on mattress materials are available around on this site. The titles like the best memory foam mattress are where you should go for more details, or any other types of mattress you may prefer, just check them out.

Best Mattress for Kids

As being said, we shouldn’t skip the necessary factors as when choosing a mattress for adults. That means it is made of great quality materials. It doesn’t contain harmful chemical. The heat retention is bearable or has been treated by different methods. Any odors or strong smells should be disappeared within a couple of days, and etc.  However, the additional factors to remember are:

  • Providing enough room as kid grows
  • Providing the right comfort and support
  • Possible to last through childhood
  • Having great customer policies
  • Used and trusted by a lot of parents

The best mattress for kids that meets all aforementioned requirements come from the following names.

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