Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews

The hybrid mattress is a favorite type of many sleepers who love the unique great bounce and support from this mattress. However, among plenty of online mattress companies available on the market, which one stands out in the crowd?

With the purpose of helping purchasers feel less confusing when choosing a hybrid mattress, this hybrid mattress reviews will offer you the definition of the hybrid mattress, the benefits of the hybrid mattress, and recommended popular hybrid mattresses available on the market.

Top Best Hybrid Mattress 2018

  1. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch
  2. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused
  3. Zinus 10 Inch Hybrid Green Tea Foam
  4. Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool
  5. Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Gel
  6. Top best hybrib mattress on amazon

What is Hybrid Mattress?

What is a hybrid mattress? It is constructed from a combination of coils and foam layers, coils act as a base and foam layers acts as top layers that can be latex or memory foam. The hybrid mattress is created to leave out the negatives of coil and foam mattress in order to offer greater benefits for sleepers.

Innerspring and coil mattress are both two types that are capable of offering great bounce and support. While, memory foam is excellent at providing pronounce contour, hug and pressure relief. When these great things work together, it creates a new mattress that features the best benefits.

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress layers

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress layers

Coil-based Mattress

Coil-based mattress can provide good support but they tend to make squeak and motion transfer when you move. In addition, it can be annoying a bit if you share the bed with other because every movement your partner makes can create sounds, which may disrupt your sleep during the night. Along with this, motion travels easily through metal support coils, which is a similarity of innerspring and coil mattress. Read more firm mattress review here.

Foam-based mattress

Foam-based mattress has differences in goals, which aims to focus on body-contouring, deep compression and support, and pressure relief. It produces no sounds that can wake up your partner as you move around during the sleep. In addition, this is not a great material for breathability. When sleeping on foam mattress, it can create warm feeling, which is uncomfortable.

Hybrid Mattress Merger

Hybrid mattress will merge all the great benefits of coils and foam mattress, but leave out the drawbacks of two. For instance, hybrid mattress will remain the great bounce and less motion transfer, while still have deep compression support and pressure relief. In addition, a true hybrid mattress is constructed from only springs and foams for the entirety of mattress.

A true hybrid mattress you can find in the market is Alexander hybrid. Meanwhile, several of them are just semi-hybrid mattress, which is constructed from the coil base and a pillow-top layer. With this design, this type is still have similar feels of bounce and responsiveness as traditional innerspring. Along with that, you can easily feel the comfort of the pillow-top right after first touching to the mattress. The popular mattress from this type is Saatva.

Pillow top mattress example

Pillow top mattress example

Foam Hybrids

Foam hybrid is the last type of hybrid group. With this this type, it won’t have the spring-based coils but a combination of different foams. In addition, the foam used usually has the same patterns that traditional coil + foam hybrids uses, one is better at bounce, support and responsiveness, while another is greater at contour and pressure relief.

Usually, these mattress comes with thick foam for the foundational layer. There are two outstanding mattresses that are designed as foam hybrids, they are Leesa and Ghostbed. These two mattresses are designed with different foam types to form the construction but they are still considered as foam mattresses.

Best Hybrid Mattresses – Top Recommendations

Hybrid mattresses are available with a variety of models and prices out there, the difficulty is how to know which one is a best hybrid mattress. Other hybrid mattress reviews may have a different list from the following list, but I bet all of these contained in the list are great quality and comes from well-known brands in the market.
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Hopefully you’ve been clearer about the hybrid mattress and its benefits, also, the differences between hybrid mattress and others. In addition, the recommendations of best hybrid mattress will satisfy you when looking for a best hybrid mattress of your own. For more information about each recommended product, read the mattress review of its own.

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