Ghostbed Mattress Review

Ghostbed mattress is a product from Nature’s Sleep, which has been around the mattress market for over a decade. The noticeable thing of Ghostbed mattress is offering an affordable price, yet doesn’t sacrifice the good quality.

With this Ghostbed mattress, the model is well-constructed with the combination of latex and memory foam. Outstandingly, the cool feeling comes from the mattress is fairly excellent, thanks to the design and gel infusion. To get more information about this mattress, read my full Ghostbed mattress review below.

Ghostbed mattress’ materials


Ghostbed mattress’ construction is different a bit in the way each thickness for each layer is used, when most mattresses’ thickness levels for the top range from 2 – 3 inches. Additionally, the way they use cooling gel layers, it isn’t similar to you used to see. For total height, the mattress comes in 11 inches with three different layers.

GhostBed foam layers

GhostBed foam layers

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Top layer – the layer is made of 1.5″ latex foam. The latex foam is a great material for bounce and quick responsiveness. In addition, this material also helps to well relieve pressure. Plus, to add more cooling feel, the latex foam is aerated.

Middle layer – this layer is built from a 2″ layer of memory foam. This material can also provide great pressure relief and deep compression but it is worse when compared to ability to response. An ideal feature comes in the gel layer. It means the middle layer is infused with cooling gel. This aims to absorb heat and provide cooling feel for sleeper. It is atypical a bit because cooling gel is most used in the top layer rather than found in the second layer.

Bottom layer – the foam used for the bottom comes in 7.5 inches. In addition, like many other mattresses, the foam is a high density type because it needs to be pretty firm to acts as a foundational base.


The cover of Ghostbed mattress comes in white tone for the surface and grey tone along its sides. Overall, the outer look is nice, but not something too noticeable (personal opinion only).

GhostBed cover close up shot

GhostBed cover close up shot

For the material, the cover surface is made of 100% polyester. With this material, the cover is stretchy and durable, resulting in providing snug fit and easy to return its normal shape after being tugged. Along with that, the soft feel is something as must for the cover, and this cover is soft to touch.

Meanwhile, Ghostbed doesn’t uses 100% polyester for the sides, it is blended with polypropolyne (49%). This combination aims to achieve a sturdier feel, so it can protect the cover from setup or removing tasks.

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Comfort Feel, Support and Others

When compared to many others mattresses, Ghostbed mattress’s firmness falls into medium firmness level. Though, there is no industry standard for firmness levels but I think this firmness is something not too firm or too soft. For that said, all sleepers can content with this firmness level, except very heavy sleepers.

GhostBed firmness

GhostBed firmness

Additionally, the latex combined with memory foam is a smart combination to provide both comfort and support. Latex is a quick responsiveness. These work together for providing you very good pressure relief and bounce. For all being said, you will feel that you sleep comfortably on the mattress instead of being stuck in it.

Furthermore, there is a compliment on the way Ghostbed provides their mattress’s coolness. It comes from both design and material used: first is the aerated latex foam. This feature lets air flow through the mattress easily. Second is the the gel memory foam. It is designed for the second layer. Due to this unique design, the mattress is very excellent at absorbing heat. When two mentioned things combined, the mattress can significantly provide cool feeling.

What else? The Ghostbed mattress is well-constructed, especially, the edge support is very strong. For singage level, this happens to every mattress. With this mattress, normal uses like sleeping on every nights or normal sitting, even sitting on the edge doesn’t show much amount of sinkage. The level of sinkage is increased as the increasing pressure.

Additional Information

Funny fact – the Ghost word in the name comes from the experience of the owner of Ghostbed from his childhood – Werner always felt scared of ghosts under his bed.

Warranty – 20 years for a warranty is not very ideal when just several companies can offer it like Ghostbed, except Amerisleep mattresses. For this warranty, the first 10 years, Ghostbed will offer replacements or repair for free.

Trial period – you can give it a try for 101 nights

Weight litmit – for Queen size, the mattress can hold up to 700 pounds.

Where it is made – the mattress is made in USA

Size – Ghostbed mattress has 6 sizes in total: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Price – one of great things is Ghostbed mattresses comes at very affordable prices, they are even many times cheaper than their competitions. Personally, you’ll get more than what you pay for.

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Ghostbed Mattress’s Customers

It is very easy to understand that high quality always comes with a high price, but this is an exception with Ghostbed mattress. The mattress is very good itself. The aesthetic look is a no complaint. For something as a hate, it just comes from a subjective opinion and individual’s preference. Here are things that Ghostbed mattress’s customers would have an inclination for this mattress:

  • Who love affordable mattresses but still good enough
  • Who looks for a medium firmness level or prefer slightly firm mattresses. Mostly they are stomach sleepers or medium firmness fans
  • Who seeks for cooling gel layer contained in a mattress. Hot sleepers are those who have an inclination for coolness rather than anything else
  • Who wants a mattress to sleep with a partner


Does latex foam used for making the mattress cause health issues?

Answer: the latex foam has gone through a strict process to guarantee the safety. The core latex is washed thoroughly. Along with that, the proteins found in latex foam to cause some allergic reaction are denatured with high temperature.

Is it possible to clean or wash the Ghostbed mattress’s cover?

Answer: yes, it is. You can keep it clean by regular vacuuming or removing stains or spots by washing with a mild detergent. There are articles available on this issue as well.

Does Ghostbed mattress have unpleasant smell?

Answer. It actually has smell when it first arrives in your home, but it is fairly slight to be called unpleasant smell. Also, it will soon go away, normally within 24 hours


There are a lot of things to discuss about this Ghostbed mattress: being well-constructed and aesthetic, medium firmness, cooling gel infusion. In addition, we have 20 years for a warranty. More importantly, the mattress comes at a very affordable price. It seems it is hard to get disappointed with what Ghostbed mattress offers.

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