Saatva Mattress Review

Every mattress is designed with a unique method, right? But having it detailed carefully like Saatva mattress seems very rare. From top layer to edge part, combined with its unique design for the cover. All of parts are done with sophisticated details.

Still skeptical about what I’ve said? Keep reading my full Saatva mattress review, you will trust me.

Saatva Mattress’s Materials


The construction of Saatva mattress has a very unique feature. It is used “coil on coil” method instead of 100% foam as many other mattresses. It means the construction consists of two layers of steel coils, a foam encasement, and pillow top. Let’s go into its details!

Saatva mattress layers

Saatva mattress layers

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Top layer – the top layer is breathable and soft because of using organic cotton for making the cover. Ideally, it features a euro-style pillow top, which enhances the comfort and softness.

Second layer – there is a thin layer of memory foam placed under the cover. This layer acts as an additional lumbar support. The nice thing is about the thickness of memory foam, it is just 1 inch. This means it minimizes the heat retention issues. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause excessive hug on your body like thicker memory foam layers.

Third layer – the method of making the third layer is very unique to add a great support and minimize motion transfer: First, it consists of 884 individual coils (Queen size). Second, the coils are wrapped in a layer of foam. Third, the coil are designed to be molded and contoured to your body.

Due to this unique design, the mattress can have a great support no matter where you sleep on. Also, this will make you feel quite similar to the feel of a foam mattress.

Fourth layer – similar to the third layer, there are also lots of individual coils used for this layer. They are traditional hourglass shaped steel coils. However, different from the third layer, this layer acts like a foundational base. It provides greater support and creates the mattress shape.

Edge layer – a layer of foam is used to wrap all of the coil layers. It works as a strong wall to protect the coils inside. In addition, for the foot and head, there is a tall piece of 2″ poly foam used. Meanwhile, 5″ foam is used for making the sides. Two of these piece of foam significantly improves the edge support of mattress. Also, it offers a sturdier look for the entire mattress.

Overall, it seems each part and each layer of Saatva mattress’s construction is detailed very carefully.

Saatva mattress cover

Saatva mattress cover


The Saatva mattress’s cover is very similar to many high-end mattresses like Loom & Leaf mattress. It is made of a super breathable material – 100% organic cotton. Also, it is very soft to touch.

However, what makes it different? First is about the pillow top, which is called euro-style. It is cleverly inserted under the cotton cover but no literally sewn found on top of the mattress like traditional pillow tops. In addition, it is aligned with edge of the mattress, making it more aesthetically beautiful look.

Second is about an updated feature on the design of this euro-style pillow top. The current pillow top features a tighter quilting pattern on the center section. This is purposely designed to have more lumbar support. Along with offering better support, this helps sleepers maintain a proper spinal alignment. Lastly, you can only find out this improved feature on the Saatva Luxury Firm and Firm versions.

Additional Features of Saatva Mattress for Comfort, and Support

Why Saatva mattress can offer greater support and comfort? That is because the using of individual coils wrapped in foam. It means it can contour to every curve of your body better. Plus, it causes less motion transfer than foam mattresses, so the mattress doesn’s disrupt your sleep when your partner turn or toss during the night. In addition, this “coil on coil” construction allows air flow easily, causing no heat to be built up.

Along with that, the breathable cover is a further cool feeling. What’s more? The design for edge is done with a sophisticated way, making it a stronger and sturdier frame. The end result is it helps to minimize the sinkage. This is beneficial to those who loves to sleep closer to the edge.

Furthermore, Saatva mattress offers three comfort levels and two options for height. This makes it easier to suit the needs of all sleepers.

  • Comfort levels includes: Saatva plush soft for softest level, Saatva luxury firm for medium soft level and Saatva firm for firmest level
  • Height options includes: the 11.5″ Custom Slim and the 14.5″ Premier Luxury

saatva mattress review 3

Let’s go into details of each option!

Saatva plush soft – with this version, the foam used to wrap the top layer of coils is softer, so you can feel the mattress hug you more. Because of this unique feature, this version is highly recommended for side sleeper rather than others. Read top 10 best mattresses for side sleepers here.

Saatva luxury firm – not too soft or too firm, this version is ideal for most kinds of sleepers – side, back and stomach sleeper. Also, this should be your choice if you are a type of a sleeper who switch sleeping positions during the night.

Saatva firm – this version uses the firmer foam to wrap the top layer of coils but you still feel the necessary softness. Ideally, the euro-style pillow top will help your head elevated like lying down on a real pillow. However, it is is seamless and not lumpy, making it more aesthetic.  This offers Saatva firm version a more luxury mattress feeling. As high recommendtions, Saatva firm mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

saatva mattress logo

Saatva mattress logo

Additional Information

  • The prices of Saatva mattresses are different, it depends on which size you choose. There are 7 options for size available including: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The materials used for making Saatva mattress is eco-friendly
  • The coils are very durable over time because they are tempered three times to ensure its great longevity
  • No chemicals based flame retardant is used in the process of making the mattress
  • You can only purchase Saatva mattresses online because there is no store sold them
  • You can complete try the mattress as a test, and then actually buy it after getting satisfied with your first experience. However, you must pay the for that delivery charge. Also, for this trial period, Saatva offers for 120 nights.
  • Saatva mattress is manufactured from 19 factories across USA and Canada


Saatva mattresses vary in price based on on the size. The larger mattresses are going to cost incrementally a bit more the larger you go. The 3 levels of firmness are priced the same (see above for the specific details about each firmness level). Additionally, Saatva offers two thickness levels, 11.5″ and 14.5″, both thickness levels are priced the same and sleep the same (the thickness levels are purely aesthetic). So you can get the 11.5″ and 14.5″ inch Saatva mattresses at any level of firmness at the exact same price, the only pricing variable is based on the size you decide to go with.


There are many things to say about Saatva mattress. As a best mattress hunter, it is good itself. For needing more options, it offers different options for softness levels, heights and prices.

Actually, there are many best mattress reviews that contains Saatva mattress. It proves how good this mattress is. This Saatva mattress review may not cover all the informations you might contain in other mattress reviews, but I bet this doesn’t miss the necessary things you need to know. Read more mattress under 1000 dollars:

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