Yoobi Lets You Help Others As You Prepare for Back to School Season


As youre shopping for back to school supplies for your children, I urge you to check out Yoobi at Target. This new school supply brand features brightly colored basics like folders, notebooks, binders, crayons, watercolors, and pencils.

For each item that is purchased, Yoobi donates an additional item to a US classroom in need through a partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation.

By 2015, Yoobi hopes to reach 30,000 classrooms and 750,000 kids. This will lessen the burden for some of the 99.5% of teachers who spend their own money on classroom materials and the parents who are struggling to cover the average $635.00 back to school shopping bill.

The Yoobi brand was founded by Ido Leffler. Leffler also founded Yes To, a natural health and beauty brand thats part of the Made to Matter Handpicked by Target collection.

During my last trip to Target, I had a chance to check out some of the items in the Yoobi back to school collection. Everything seems to be high quality and I love the idea that youre helping those in need by picking up items youd be buying for your child anyway.

I picked up a few blue items for my son and a pack of mini highlighters for myself. I was pleased with my purchases, although I wish Yoobi items came in a wider range of colors.

We would have purchased more for my son if Yoobi products came in slightly darker or more traditionally masculine colors. When my nine-year-old looked at the display, he automatically labeled most of it as too girly for a fourth grade boy. Even though the Yoobi items arent decorated with any images, the abundance of bright pink and purple does make much of the line seem quite feminine.

Yoobi items are available exclusively at Target. Everything is priced at $10 or less. Visit the Target website to see whats available.



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