You Don’t Have to Be an Athlete to Use a SPIbelt


A few years ago, I started running. When I could leave my daughter at home with my husband, I didn’t have the convenience (ha!) of a stroller with a basket on the bottom where I could stash my stuff. I couldn’t go without my phone, ID, keys, a little bit of money, etc, and a purseeven a small one–just made absolutely no sense.

I saw the SPIbelt on a YouTube video and there was a coupon code listed, so I went for it. The other option was a traditional fanny pack, and, well, I just wasn’t ready to go there yet. Too many awkward elementary and middle school memories are attached to those.

The SPIbelt is small, stretchy, and discreet enough to be perfect for running, but it’s also ideal for days at the park. I can’t fit everything I need in my pockets and sometimes I don’t even have pockets.

Chasing around a kid on a playground isn’t exactly fun, and I wind up with back pain, the strap catches on equipment, and it’s just generally unpleasant. Plus it could complicate things if I needed to help her climb or catch her if she fell.

I can tuck my iPhone, a key (not my whole keychain, but it’s massive), money, my license, and a debit card in there, and completely forget about it. The pouch is stretchy, so though it looks small, more can fit in there than you’d think.

My hands are free, the SPIbelt is hidden under my shirt, and I’m not without the necessities. Even if I’m just standing around while she plays, I’m not killing my shoulder with a heavy bag.

The SPIbelt is available in a wide range of color combinations, some of which are designed for high visibility. I noticed they’ve added other options as well, like an arm band and a messenger bag. The belt is adjustable.

I’ve never had trouble with the material chafing my skin, even while running, because the material is extremely smooth, not like the belts on the fanny packs from 1990.



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