Wraptastic Makes Storing Leftovers a Snap


If you love kitchen gadgets, the Wraptastic is an as-seen-on-TV product that is worth a look. This dispenser is designed for use with standard sized rolls of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or wax paper. You put the roll in the dispenser and push down on the top to cut it in one quick motion.

It took me a bit to figure out how to use the Wraptastic. When I first tried to use it, I had the plastic wrap coming up from the bottom instead of over the top, so the wrap was bunching up on itself when I tried to pull out a piece.

Once I flipped the roll the right way, however, the product worked as advertised. I don’t think it’s too much easier than using the dispenser aluminum foil or wax paper comes in, but it’s awesome for dispensing plastic wrap without wasting half the roll trying to cut off a piece that’s the correct size.

Overall, the Wraptastic is a good product to have on hand if you want to encourage your family to store leftovers properly. It makes plastic wrap easier to dispense, so it’s a snap to cover plates of food before you stick them in the refrigerator.

The Wraptastic is supposed to fit in most kitchen drawers, but it’s too big for my drawer. I ended up sticking it on top of the refrigerator. I would have preferred to be able to stick it back in one of the kitchen drawers, but having it close at hand seems to encourage my husband to make sure his leftovers are covered properly.

Have you tried the Wraptastic? If so, what did you think of this product?

Disclaimer: A sample Wraptastic was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.



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