Yoga Pants that Look Like Dress Pants Are a Must-Have Wardrobe Addition

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I don’t do yoga nearly as often as I should, but I love my comfy yoga pants. So, when I first learned about Betabrand’s new line of yoga pants that are designed to be office appropriate, I was immediately intrigued.

These yoga pants are designed to look like dress pants, complete with faux pockets, belt loops, and a front button. They have a straight leg fit that can be worn with boots, flats, or athletic shoes.

The pants are made of a stretchy rayon blend (65% rayon, 32% nylon, and 3% spandex). They should be machine washed cold and laid flat to dry.

They were launched as part of Betabrand’s fashion crowdfunding platform and surpassed 400% of their goal in just three weeks. Betabrand founder Chris Lindland commented that this is a record response for the company’s fashion prototypes.

Betabrand’s yoga pants come in sizes XS through XL. An XS is the equivalent of a size 2 and an XL is the equivalent of a size 14 to 16. However, like most yoga pants, they are designed to have lots of stretch. The yoga pants are only available in grey at this time, although it sounds like the company will be offering other colors in the future. They are available exclusively from BetaBrand.

Since I work at home, I can easily wear actual yoga pants to work if I want to. But, I think these pants are super cute. I’d love a pair to wear out running errands or going to the movies with my hubby.

What do you think of this idea?

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