My Pillow Total Body Maternity Pillow Review

My Pillow Total Body Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy is a time of great happiness for most people like me. The idea of welcoming a new family to the house makes people smile. However, being pregnant can be tough. Many women like me find that it is hard to get comfortable as the pregnancy progresses and their center of gravity starts to shift. A good night’s sleep is essential. Fortunately, there are products on the market that can help make any pregnant woman get a better night’s sleep and feel more comfortable during the day as she goes about her routine. Many companies have developed items that can help a pregnant woman truly relax and concentrate on baby names and decorating the nursery rather than your aching back or your swollen ankles.

A Comfortable Pillow

Sleeping can be particularly hard when a woman is pregnant. The growing baby may shift multiple times during the night, waking you up. Your pelvic muscles widen as the baby grows, shifting how you walk and how you sits. When you try to get to bed, you will often find that you need to sleep on your side in order to get as comfortable as possible. Proper support is vital for your growing uterus. For many woman, the right pillow offers this support. This is where using the My Pillow Total Body Maternity Pillow can really pay off. Doing so offers many important benefits for any pregnant woman at all stages of your pregnancy.

Pelvic and Lumbar Support

Proper pelvic and lumbar support is vital. A pregnant woman may not realize just how much pressure you’re putting on her joints each day. I know that I was often quite exhausted when I was pregnant. My poor husband tried to find a solution that would make easier for me to get the relief I needed when I got home. This is why asked a few friends what to do to help me with this problem. It was their suggestion to find the right pillow that offer give me the support I needed, especially at night when he saw me turning again and again an effort to get comfortable.

A Great Help

The pillow that my husband bought for me really helped. It’s washable so I can wash it as I need it. It’s also useful in that it is firm and I need firm support when I sleep. The other thing that really helps me is that it’s large. I need a long pillow when I sleep so I can rest more easily. This is particularly true when pregnant. The long pillow from the Total Body Maternity Pillow fit me well. The pillow also gave me that extra layer of support I needed to rest easier and avoid feeling as if I were forever fighting to get relaxed in my own bed. The pillow is soft and yet it it also firm, making it easy to place it on top of any body part including your knees and legs. I really love it.

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