Holy Lamb Organic Body Pillow Review

Holy Lamb Organic Body Pillow Review

Experience the heavenly softness of the Holy Lamb Organic body pillow. This pillow contains eco-grown wool harvested from small American sheep farms in the Pacific North Western states of Oregon, Washington, and California. The outer sheath consists of an organic cotton sateen fabric. Unlike other pillow stuffers, wool is extremely breathable which is great for regulating the body temperature; it keeps the body cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Also, the nonflammable material and anti-bacterial properties make it the obvious choice for the whole family.

Annoying bare spots and lumps are no more with the wool batting technology. The natural fabric is one continuous piece that is guaranteed to stay exactly where you want it, in its place!
Keep in mind that natural wool pillows shrink at a rate of 15-30% when choosing the desired thickness of your pillow. This change in volume occurs within the first few months of continuous use, until the wool conforms to the weight of the person’s head.

Because Holy Lamb Organics are passionate about supplying customers with nature’s finest offerings, there are no harsh chemicals used in the processing of the wool; this makes the organic pillow one of the safest and unique products on the market.

With measurements of 17″x 53″, this full-length cushion adds an extra layer of reinforcement and comfort for expecting mothers, and anyone seeking more support. The long style and soft plush design also make it great to prop on while watching television or reading a book.

This product will go as far as your imagination will let it. Use this huggable pillow as a head, neck, and knee support, while laying on your side, tuck one end of the pillow between your knees and tuck the opposite end of the pillow behind your head to create a snug fit. This position can be fantastic for individuals suffering from chronic joint and back pain. For anyone who may feel more comfortable lying on their back, try folding the body pillow in half and placing it behind the knees. This position elevates the lower half of the body which allows the spine to bend in a natural curved position. Sleeping on your stomach can be strenuous for those with back or spinal problems. To reduce stress on the back try laying on your stomach and place the pillow under the lower pelvis and abdomen area.

To keep your Holy Lamb organic body pillow looking it’s very best, make sure to cover it in a zippered body pillow cover.

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