How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel

Owning a stroller is a cool experience for you and your family. It makes it easy to take the youngsters out and spend some quality family time together. Strollers can be used to go jogging, shopping, walk around, tuck your baby to sleep, traveling and many more.

From our extensive experience with strollers, we’ve realized that for your stroller to last/ outlive its lifespan you have to take proper care and maintenance of it. There are many parts of the stroller that will require routine servicing, replacement, and fixing.

Our experts suggest that parts such as the braking system will require servicing. The adjustable recline seats will require the same. The canopy might need easy adjustments, while the baby trays could require quick replacements in case of damages.

The same will apply to a cup holder. One section of the stroller however requires more. When you visit us you will realize that the tires are the most delicate parts of the stroller. The tires will need an ideal inflation routine. The outer tires might require replacement depending on the wear and tear too.

We have the most experienced team when it comes to stroller maintenance and servicing needs. They will advice you and give a lot of tips especially on tire replacement.  For the inner tires, in case of a burst, flat, or wear and tear these tires might require fixing or replacement.

In order to replace the inner tube of your baby stroller, you can always use our easy to follow tire replacement and repair tips.

Step 1: Get the Right Tools

We always advice stroller owners to have the right tools, this is the cardinal rule. First make sure you have a tire pump, a replacement tube, safety glasses, and two flat head/ edge tool more preferably two medium sized flat head screws. Additionally you should also have a can of water, basin, source of water, and a puncture repair kit.

How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel

Step 2: Remove the Wheel

With the preparation done, we recommend that you start by removing the wheel. Disengage the stroller’s parking breaks usually set at the bottom part of the stroller.

Once your parking brake is disengaged it will allow you to open the quick release lever and pull out the stroller’s wheel. In case your stroller has retention button (open the quick release button, press on the retention button and simultaneously remove the stroller’s wheel) – for the rear tire.

For front tire – start by locking the swiveling wheel if your stroller has one, now open the quick release lever, un-thread the adjusting nut usually located at the opposite end of the stroller’s quick release lever and finally remove the stroller’s wheel.

Step 3: Remove the Inner Tube

With that done, it will be easy to remove the tube. First remove the cap that fits on the inner tube valve stem. Put in a side in a safe location, preferably the inside corner or your tool box cover.

Now deflate the inner tube. To do so, press down firmly on the pin that stands at the center of the valve. Use a flat head tool to do so. Make sure the tube is completely deflated.

Once done, slide the end of your flat edge tool at the small space between your tire and the wheel (the wheel edge). Always start from the wheel edge, but across the valve stem.

How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel
Now push out slowly and gently separate the tire from the wheel. Push out slowly. You can always step on the axle of the wheel to gain ideal stabilization. Keep prying against the rim of the wheel with your flat head tools until it gives way.

Use the second flat head screw and insert it close to the first one most preferably keep a four inch distance between the two and repeat the process again. Do this until your tire separates from the wheel.

Now use your hand to separate the two and pull out your stroller’s inner tube. Be very gently as you don’t want to cause any more damages. The inner tube will be out and you can fix in the new tube. In case of a puncture follow step 4 and 5.

Step 4: Inspect your Tires

We advice our customers to start by the interior of the outer tire. Check if there are any objects that could piece the inner tube. Remove any strange objects that can cause potential damages including rubber fallings.

Fill up the removed inner tub with air. Fill in a side basin or kitchen sink with water to cover the inner tube. Dip the once again inflated inner tube in the full sink. Squeeze it under the sink water.

How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel
Move it round so that every area has fully sunk in the water. Watch out for any signs of air bubbles. That should be the sign for the puncture.

Use a marker/ pen. Mark the punctured area so you can trace it easily. Keep checking the inner tire until the whole area is completed.

Once done, dry off the stroller’s inner tube. Get out your repair kit. The best repair kit should contain glue-less patches, metallic scuffer, and tire levers.

Step 5: Fixing the Puncture

Take the metallic scuffer and scuff up the area around the puncture. Make sure the area is dry and well scuffed. Now add the patch sticker and ensure it sticks there really tight. Use the scraper to ensure it sticks. Once done the puncture should be fixed. Do this for any other puncture.

Re-inflate the tire, run it through the sink water. Check for any signs of air leaks. If there is none, fix the tire back to the wheel and the stroller.

Step 6: Assemble the Wheel

We have very easy to follow procedure when assembling the wheel. Start by putting the new tube or the inner tube into the tire. Align the inner tube valve with the valve hole. Push through and make sure it sits pretty.

Now re-seat the outer tire. Start on the edge of the wheel. Align the tire with the edge of the wheel and work your way slowly around it. At the final lap, use the two flat edge tools to fix it.

How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel
When done, re-inflate the tube. Take note of the amount of pressure indicated on the rim. You don’t want to have another burst to your tire. Remember different tires need different pressure levels.

Step 7: Re-Install on the Stroller

Once inflated to the correct level, we recommend re-installing your wheel to the stroller immediately. For your rear wheel, make sure the quick release lever is engaged once you are done.

For the front wheels; you should tighten the front wheel tension, adjust the nut while simultaneously holding the quick release lever really steady. Make sure the leaver gains proper resistance against the nut then finally engage.

Final Word

Maintaining and properly caring for your baby double stroller should be your personal responsibility. Meaning, you should learn a few ideal tips that could get you out of a tight spot with your baby stroller; such options including fixing a flat tire, adjusting the canopy, and fixing the brakes among others.

Alternatively, you can buy strollers with standard rubber coated plastic wheels. As these wheels don’t have inner tubes they don’t also require any replacement. They are most suitable on even surfaces such as mall, stores but not on uneven surfaces. The Top Quality Sit and Stand Stroller is best candidate for such usage.


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