How to clean and dry a down comforter

When it comes to cleaning your down, you can help but feel wearisome. Don’t worry, it’s not that troublesome. And since down comforter products will guarantee much better longevity compare to other synthetic bedding items, you just need to take a little care of your comforter once or twice to ensure its durability and comfort (if you want have an awesome down comforter click here)

Our comprehensive guide will provide you the essential knowledge when washing and dry a down comforter. So, make sure you read it with care.

How to clean

Daily routine

Ideally, before folding the comforter and making your bed, you would want to give your comforter a few shakes to smoothen the fabric shell, redistribute the down fill, and get rid of the dust and dirt that build up during your sleep. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of time cleaning the comforter latter on since it will stay clean for a longer period of time.

Dry cleaning

And if you notice that your comforter hasn’t been cleaned for a long time but doesn’t want to waste time washing it, you can try this dry cleaning method to clean your comforter. To begin with, I recommend you use a protector and stuff your comforter in it. This will ensure your comforter longevity and maintain the down fill inside. Then open your washing machine, set the running mode to dry at a low level. Apply some dry cleaning beach on it and press the start button. It would take about 15-20 minutes for the process to complete. After it’s done, you will have a cleaned comforter that is ready to comfort you anytime.


Although dry cleaning can be less time-consuming; but if you want to completely clean the comforter, washing it with water is still the best method. You can use your washing machine at home or look for those commercial ones at your local laundry store. Make sure you use the recommended bleach for your comforter. Otherwise, the down fill can be easily damaged if exposed to the wrong chemicals. Set the washing mode to low with prolonged cycles and longer washing duration. Wait until it’s done then move to the drying steps.

How to dry

There are two simple ways to dry your comforter, using a dryer or air drying. Both have their pros and cons which I’ll show you in the section below.

Using machine

This method is undoubtedly much quicker since it will only take about 15-20 minutes for the dryer to complete the process. But it is not recommended for many down products since intensive heat might damage the down textures by making them shrunken. So should only do it since you really need to save time and it is allowed by the manufactures.

Air drying

Although it will take much longer compare to using a dryer, this method has no negative outcomes, the only problem is that it would take more than 12 hours for your comforter to completely dry. So depending on your own preferences to choose the most suitable methods.

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