How to store down comforter

Summer is coming. And since it’s getting quite hot lately, I think it’s time to store your down comforter away and replace it with a lighter coverlet (Still want to use down comforter in summer? read this guide to choose best one). But there are few concerns which you might need to deal with before putting your comforter in the closet or garret. Our brief but comprehensive guide will show you how to store your down comforter properly.

Clean your comforter

First thing first, if you want your stored comforter to be clean and sanitized when you take it out for later use, you must make sure that it stays in perfect condition when being stored. With that being said, the first step would be to wash your comforter to get rid of all the dirt and bacterial which were built up during the time you use it.

Dry cleaning

This method is quicker than to wash your comforter completely, but the result will not be as good as. However, since down is a fragile material, manufacturers often recommend their customers to dry cleaning instead of washing their comforters.

To start with, make sure you choose the right detergent for your comforter. Then put it in your dryer and set the cycle level to low. Apply a certain amount of detergent depending on the size of your comforter. After that, you just need to wait until the dryer finish running.


It is clear that washing your comforter will take a little more time than dry clean it. First, you must make sure that your washing machine is capable of handling your comforter. If this is too much for it to handle, you will have to go to the local laundry store. Select a commercial washing machine then put the comforter in it. Use a mild detergent to wash your comforter and make sure you set the cycle level to low.

When it’s done, take your comforter out and prepare to dry it. You choose to either air dry or using the dryer depending on your preferences. Air drying will take a little longer, but it’ll protect the fragile down fill from being damaged from drying cycles.

Fit it in a bag

After you’ve done cleaning the comforter, it’s time to stuff it in your storing bag. Ideally, when you purchase a down comforter, there will be a zippered bag that came along with it. But if you didn’t receive it or happened to lose it, you can purchase a new one with relatively low prices. Alternatively, a breathable cotton bag would also great when it comes to dealing with mildew and mold, though dust would still be a big problem.

One more thing, you might want to place one or two pieces of camphor inside the bag to prevent the mold and to give your comforter a mild fragrant.

Store your comforter

The last thing to do would be to find a suitable place to put the comforter. Now, there are various places which you can store your comforter. But they must be cool and dry since mold and mildew always find it comfortable in a humid and warm environment. A place that is high above the floor would be a good choice to start with. Also, don’t place anything on top of your comforter as the weight will flatten the down texture.

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