Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow Review

It is surprising to know that one thing so small could be so important in delivering better sleep. But you should never take lightly when it comes to selecting the right pillow for you and your family. Our informative review of the Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow Review will provide you the important information about whether you should purchase it or not.

Manufactured information:

– 100% cotton shell

– Made in the US

– White goose down fill

– 650 fill power

– Measurement: 26″ x 20″

– 23oz of down fill


The Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow is made from 100% white goose down according to Prime Zone.

It has a relatively high fill power of 650 which provide medium firm and support.

The fine stitching finish on the edges ensures the down fill stays in place. Because of that, the pillow can maintain a reasonably soft and cushion experience even on extended use.

100% soft cotton white sateen shell provide smooth and comfortable sensation. On top of that, the treated fabric is also hypoallergenic.

The fact that it is made in the US guarantee a relatively better quality than those that come from China manufactures. This is easy to understand since the manufacture standards in the USA are often higher.


The Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow is good for side sleepers and back sleepers as it deliver suitable cushion and support to handle both positions. You won’t have the feeling of sinking down your pillow like other soft pillows.

It is allergen-free, so those with sensitive skin might find it comfortable using the pillow.

100% cotton sateen shell has decent resistant to dust, thus making it suitable for those with a sensitive nose. Moreover, it can also prevent bacteria at a certain level. This will, in turn, reduce the odor that builds up after an extended time.

On top of that, the Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow comes with a relatively good price for a down product.


The pillow has medium weight. You might find the weight a little annoying but it is reasonable when place along the 650 fill power.

We find the pillow not very good for stomach sleeper since it is quite firm and might cause neck pain if you sleep in this position. Moreover, the high fill power will create more heat than normal pillow. And combining with the fact that the stomach sleep position will cause more heat from direct breathing, you will not have a good sleeping experience with this pillow.

One more thing, the pillow is dry clean only. So don’t forget about it and accidentally place it in your washing machine. But alternatively, you can still use a washable pillow protector along with your pillow to protect its down fill.


The Luxuredown Goose Down Pillow is undoubtedly a great product with reasonable price. But you should also consider your personal preferences before purchasing the product since it might not be the right one for you. So take your time to consider our reviews carefully.

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