How To Wash A Down Comforter

A soft and smooth down comforter is the best choice for a cozy cold night, but a lumpy deflated comforter does not give you the same cozy and comfy effect. During the hot summer, you might have stored the bedding in moisture-resistant bags, when it removed, it will be clean but the down becomes flat. This is because the thickness and fluff of down are produced by air between the smooth feathers will be squeezed out when you fold it tightly. The down also loses its fluffiness when you sit or sleep on it.
The down comforters can become lumpy if you toss and turn on the comforter, and the filling gets uneven and loses its volume. However, a simple fluffing can restore the volume and helps you make your bed snug and plush for cold winter days and nights.



How to wash a down comforter?:

Dry cleaning:

Wash or dry clean your comforter frequently and fluff it regularly. For long lasting down comforter, follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to wash and dry the down comforter. It is suggestible to take it for dry cleaning for special care, especially for silk down comforters.

Snap It:

After washing and drying your best down comforter, keep it on your bed and fluff it. To fluff the comforter, hold at the bottom edge of your down comforter, bring it up and snap it down with a fast jerk. This process makes the comforter heave by creating and distributing space between the fiber and it revive to its original loft. You can repeat the procedure for 4 to 5 times.

Fluff it with you Hand:

You can fluff your down comforter with your hands, distribute the fill with your forearm and hands. This process is generally required for down comforters filled with feathers.
Use a dryer: You can use the dryer to clean your comforters; clothes dryer is perfect for small comforters. You can clean a twin or single comforters in your dryer. To keep the fluffiness put few tennis balls along with the comforter to keep the fabric from wrapping up. Remember; do not use fabric-softener sheets as they cause sticky dregs on the comforters.

Flip and Rotate:

Flip and rotate your comforter quite often. If your comforter is reversible, then do it on a weekly basis. Also, if you can get an extra comforter set and in every six months keep changing the comforter, in other words, rotate them often, this process, can help you to preserve your down comforter for longer life. You can also change them according to your room décor.


You can also make your comforter fluff again by hanging it out on the clothes line and leave it there for few hours; the continuous breeze can restore air back into the comforter. If you find any lumps, press it hard with your hand and redistribute the feathers evenly. You can check if the feathers are spread evenly in each comforter shell, and make sure that all compartments are equally fluffy.
Follow these simple suggestions and keep your comforter fluffy and snug for a longer period.

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