Elemental Herbs Updates Classic Zinc Oxide Sunscreen for Kids


If you’re trying to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals your family is exposed to, it’s important to choose your sunscreen carefully. Many sunscreens include problematic ingredients such as oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate that can cause hormone disruption and cell damage.

To keep your family safe, dermatologists recommend choosing a pure non-nano zinc oxide mineral sunscreen.

Elemental Herbs recently introduced a new, improved formula for its popular All Good Kids Sunscreen that would be the perfect addition to your family’s beach bag this summer. In addition to having new packaging, this SPF 33 zinc oxide sunscreen now contains skin soothing calendula, chamomile, and sunflower oil.

Calendula and chamomile both have calming properties that are ideal for people with sensitive skin while sunflower oil is a natural emollient high in vitamin E that can help prevent skin cell damage caused by the sun.

All Good Kids Sunscreen offers broad UVA/UVB protection that is safe for kids, as well as Mom and Dad. The hypoallergenic and biodegradable formula is GMO, paraben, gluten, and PABA free.

I like the way this product smells because I love the smell of chamomile and hate the coconut smell that most sunscreens have.

It blended into my skin and my husband’s skin fairly easy, but I had a little more trouble getting it applied to my son. He has extremely dry skin and I had to really rub to make the product disappear on his arms and legs. It did not feel greasy once it was applied, however.

Our first test of this sunscreen occurred during a family vacation to a waterpark and amusement park. We’re all very fair skinned. I applied the same product to myself, my husband, and my son. None of us burned, although I should point out that we did take the time to reapply throughout the day. (Experts say most burns with sunscreen are caused by people forgetting to reapply every couple of hours and thinking they can go all day with just one application.)

All Good Kids Sunscreen can be purchased in a three-ounce tube. Visit Amazon website for further details about this product and other sunscreen options designed to keep you safe all summer long.



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