Embelle Bibs Make Sure Baby Is Dressed for Any Occasion


Every mother knows that baby bibs are a necessity to keep baby from making a mess of his outfit while eating. Embelle hopes to add some fun to meal time by offering a line of adorable baby bibs with different novelty themes.

The Embelle bib line includes: Tuxedo, Cowboy, Fisherman, Nerd, Baseball, Doctor, Referee, Princess, Cheerleader, Dog, and Cat

The bibs are made of prewashed 100% cotton for easy care and maintenance.

I love how adorable the designs on these bibs are. They’d be a fun way to dress baby up for a special occasion.

You could put your baby in a referee or cheerleader big to show support for big brother or big sister on game day. A fisherman bib would be a funny addition to baby’s wardrobe on a camping trip. A cat or dog bib would make for a cute picture of your baby next to the family pet.

The bibs can be purchased at Target, Sears, Stop & Shop, Burlington Coat Factory, Meijer, and Diapers.com. They’ve been featured in media outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, The Denver Post, and Yahoo! News.

Embelle bibs are affordable treat for your little one or a cute budget-friendly baby shower gift idea.

What do you think of these baby bibs?



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