A Spirograph-Inspired Coloring Book


If your children like to color, the Spirograph coloring book from Kahootz Toys looks like a fun treat. The set includes an 8 x 8 coloring book with 24 different Spirograph inspired designs, eight colored pencils, and a built in storage tray.

Although it’s hard to beat the fun of the original Spirograph toy, I can see this being an appealing alternative for kids who lack the patience to make the gears in a Spirograph rotate for the more complex designs.

I loved my Spirograph as a kid, but it’s definitely frustrating when you mess up in the middle of a design. And, in many cases, I enjoyed coloring in my finished design more than the process of making the design itself.

You can purchase the Spirograph coloring book from Kahootz Toys on Amazon. It is recommended for children ages four and up. I think a four year old would probably have trouble coloring in the detailed designs, however. I would suggest buying this for a slightly older child and saving the cartoon character themed coloring books for your preschooler.

Since the pages in this book are 8 x 8, which is a common scrapbooking size, you could frame them or put them in a small album when your child is done coloring. I think they’d be cute as the backdrop for a scrapbook filled with pictures for grandpa and grandma!

Does this look like a product your child would enjoy?



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