An Easy Way to Preserve Baby’s Milestones


If a traditional baby book isn’t your style, or if you want a way to make your baby’s pictures stand out from the crowd, Milestone Baby Cards are must.

Milestone Baby Cards was founded by Gemma Broekhuis in 2012. As a new mom, Broekhuis wanted a way to easily document her son’s milestone moments. She hand-crafted cards for specific events when she realized how easy it is to forget those treasured moments in just a regular picture.

There are 30 cards in the set, documenting special milestones such as the first smile, first time rolling over, first time eating solid foods, first time sleeping through the night, or first steps. Each card is beautifully illustrated with graphics that match the milestone. There is also a space for you to write in the date.

Fill out the card, place it next to your baby, then snap your picture. (You can prop the card up on the table, set in a favorite teddy bear’s lap, or give it to an older sibling to hold next to baby.)

As an avid scrapbooker, I love this idea! The cards would make adorable baby photo props and are a totally low stress way to keep from forgetting milestone dates. I took lots of pictures during my son’s first year, but I wasn’t very good about writing down dates. I thought I’d remember them, but most of them I forgot by the time I sat down to fill out his baby book.

Visit the Milestone Baby Cards website to learn more or to purchase the cards. They are available in nine different languages.

What do you think of this idea? Would something like the Milestone Baby Cards make it easier to preserve special memories from baby’s first year?



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