Best Mattress for Back Pain

Choosing the best mattress is a tough task when we have plenty of mattresses out there. The task is more challenging if you are a sleeper who suffer from back pain or lower back pain. You may rely on mattress reviews, but these can make you more confusing sometimes. The article on best mattress for back pain is going to discuss more this. Hopefully, the information contained in this is helpful for you when choosing the best mattress for back pain or other back problems.

Top 10 Best Mattress for Back Pain 2018 You Can Buy on Amazon

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What to Consider when Purchasing a Mattress for Back Pain


A good support helps keep your spine in alignment, but the support for lower back is different from the support for others. Also, the firmness level doesn’t determine the support for sleepers. Actually, there are still the soft mattresses that can provide good support.

In addition, the mattress that can provide good support for lower back pain doesn’t create the pressure points on your back. When it does, you are likely to experience pain and other issues.

back pain

Back pain can result from many causes, a supportive and quality mattress can help resolve many issues

Ideal firmness level for back pain sleepers

The softer mattress is, the more hug, contour and sinkage you get, and the firmer mattress is, the more floating feel you have. In addition, each type of sleeper has a different need for an ideal firmness level.

mattress for back pain firmness

As for back pain sleepers, the ideal firmness level should be medium – to slightly firm. This means the level is from 5 – 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. However, the firmness levels are bit different from light sleepers and heavy sleepers. That means lights sleepers may feel more floating feel than the heavy sleepers if lying on the slightly firm mattress.

Back Pain Pressure Point Prevention

It is important to know whether your mattress creates pressure points on certain areas. That’s because pressure points can push back around specific areas, resulting in misalignment along your body and spine. Plus, more pressures are placed on your spine, the more pain you suffer. It means the proper support and comfort will allows your body to be relaxed and feel comfortable all night long.

The wrong firmness can create spinal issues and pressure points

The wrong firmness can create spinal issues and pressure points

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What Causes Back Pain?

There are plenty of people who will encounter some sort of lower back pains in their lifetime. The symptoms can range from dull to sharp pains, but the experiences can lead to difficulties in daily activities. That is annoying! That means it is important to have preventive measures in advance.

However, does this relate to mattress? It does, scientists have proven that mattress can make your back pain worse or cause back pains if we don’t have the right support and comfort when sleeping. Meanwhile, when sleeping on a right mattress, along with having a good night’s sleep, we can also improve our back pain with time.

In addition, back pain can suddenly come as a result of a fall or heavy lifting. Also, it can last at least less than 6 weeks or more. Below are the primary causes of back pains and lower back pain, and the preventive measures you can do.

Stress and Anxiety

Though stress causing depression seems to be more common than it causes back pain, it does. When suffering stress, you often suffer from insomnia. You will toss and turn all night long to feel comfortable. The more toss and turn, the more you will pull a muscle, what worse is you may fall asleep in a position that you are never used to.

In addition, when lacking sleep, your muscles have to work extra hard during the next day. This leads to lower back pain.

Stress can impact sleep, 1 in 3 American’s suffer from insomnia

Stress can impact sleep, 1 in 3 American’s suffer from insomnia


  • Massages – this method help to relieve stress and improve a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise – this allows your endorphins to be pumped up and reduce stress level
  • Get enough sleep – a restful sleep every night allows you to regain energy and stay healthy
  • Keeping eating healthy – no caffeine or alcohols before bed time and having good diet can improve your health as well

Strained Muscles

There are numerous causes leading to back pain or lower back pain, but the most common cause of all is related to muscle strain the lumbar disc itself. Normally, the victims experience this issue right after a sudden movements.

Abnormal Spinal Curvature

To avoid back pain, your spine need to be keep in proper alignment. Also, there are three different joints on the spine, which needs to be properly supported. Additionally, the right poster can help to avoid back pain.

  • Cervical – this belongs to the top third of your spine and works to support your head. Also, this is where you place your pillow
  • Thoracic – this center area on your spine is responsible for supporting the upper body
  • Lumbar – also called the bottom third of spine, this helps support the lower back

Comfort and Cooling

It is important to improve overall oxygenation of the body. When you get good oxygenated cells, your internal temperature is also well regulated. This helps to reduce back pain, muscle pain and other pain issues.

There actually exists certain fabric that can improve oxygenation. Have you ever heard of it? That is a fabric made of Celliant fibers, which you can find this specific fiber in Amerisleep mattress. This fiber can regulate body temperature and turn it into an infrared light.

King size Amerisleep Revere

King size Amerisleep Revere

Can Adjustable Foundations Reduce Back Pain Pressure?

Adjustable foundation means it can be used in different ways, which is adapt to every sleeping position. Due to this unique design, it becomes an ideal option for back sleepers. It can elevate the head and foot of the mattress, resulting in relieving pressure points on your back. Furthermore, when your body parts are elevated, it helps improve blood flow and breathing. The results also ends up reducing back pain.

Adjustable mattress example

Adjustable mattress example – 6.5″ memory foam, 5.5″ support foam, 3″ adjustable foundation

However, most adjustable foundations do not come at cheap prices, which may disappoint some. In addition, it looks a bit cumbersome and not aesthetic to put this in your room. Read the best queen mattress under 500 here.

Many newer adjustable

Many newer adjustable are starting to look sleeker and better designer

Best Mattresses for Back Pain or Lower Back Pain

To put the following mattresses into the list of best mattresses for back pain or lower back pain, they must meet these specific requirements, which can provide right support and great comfort for back pain sleepers.

  • Having medium – slightly firmness (5 – 7 out of 10 on firmness scale)
  • Having slight – moderate contour and hug. These ensure the comfort for sleepers
  • Having excellently deep compression support
  • Having very low or no tendency to absorb heat
  • Possible to compatible with adjustable foundations is optional, but ideal to choose

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Leesa mattress is a very popular mattress in the market due to its great quality. It is designed with Avena foam for the top. This specific foam can acts as latex, which means great bounce, good pressure relief and quick responsive, Leesa mattress in top 10 best memory foam mattress 2018.

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf mattress provides medium to firm on the firmness scale. As compared to Leesa, is softer than Leesa a bit. This is the great choice back pain sleepers can have because the mattress can provide well-balanced contour and deep compression.

Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is a best choice for hybrid mattress type. This brand offers different mattresses, which all comes as great qualities. One of the best mattresses from Nest Bedding is Alexander Hybrid, which has a unique design. Due to this design, Nest Bedding is possible to provide great contour but still have great support.


Amerisleep has a line of 5 different matrreses, including Amerisleep Revere, Amerisleep Independence (the thickest mattress and most expensive of all), Amerisleep Liberty, Americana (the firmest), and Amerisleep Colonial (one of the most advanced memory foam). The most outstanding of these mattresses comes in the unique cover. It is made of Celliant fibers, which can regulate body temperature. In addition, the outer look of Amerisleep cover is very luxury and modern. It looks like something that belongs to high-end products.


Purple mattress firmness is fairly firm, which can make slight sleepers feel too floating. However, in general, the mattress is well-supportive to back pain sleepers. In addition, the top layer is made of hyper elastic polymer, which can provide quick responsiveness. Plus, the cover of purple is very nice and modern, which can suit the need for luxury feels.


There are numerous choices for a best mattress for back pain out there, which may come in different prices. Whether how much you are going to spend on your mattress, the mattress you choose should meet the aforementioned requirements for back pain.

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