Best Latex Mattress Reviews

If you are looking for a best mattress that have many similar feels to memory foam but need greater bounce and responsiveness, a latex mattress is a good choice. However, this is not enough unless you have a best latex mattress. What’s more? The best quality latex mattress is also very durable.

More importantly, it is less heat retention than traditional memory foam mattresses. To help you understand more about this great material, this best latex mattress review offers you a focused-on latex and recommended mattresses made from this. Read more our reviews about top best hybrid mattress.

Benefits of Latex Foam

Basically, latex can provide great pressure relief and good contour, very as well as memory foam can do. However, latex is better than memory foam in many features.

Response time of a latex mattress – very quick

Response time of a latex mattress – very quick

Greater bounce – latex can provide bounce many times better than memory foam. The bounce is actually pronounced.

Quicker responsiveness – the memory foam tend to response slowly, meanwhile, the ability to response of latex is quick.

Less off-gassing and odor – the properties of latex can minimize strong odors and off-gassing, making it more ideal for all types of users.

Sleep cooler – as compared to traditional memory foam, latex is better at providing cooling feel for sleepers, unless the tradition memory foam is infused with cool gel or featured aerated holes.

Last longer – latex mattresses become best options for those who intends to own a mattress for long, because good quality latex mattresses are able to last several decades.

Memory foam mattress response time – average

Memory foam mattress response time – average

How Latex is made?

Authentic latex foam is produced from a white liquid that is extracted from the Hevea-Brasilenis tree…commonly known as rubber tree. The harvested process isn’t much different from how maple syrup is harvested from sugar maples in the North East.

Sap used to make natural and blended latex foam

Sap used to make natural and blended latex foam

Natural Vs Synthetic

Latex mattresses are made of three types of latex including: Natural latex, synthetic latex, and mix of two. Each type provides a bit differences in characteristics.

  • Synthetic latex is made by mixing a man-made rubber polymer with natural rubber sap.
  • The biggest benefit of natural latex is it is safe to health. In addition, natural latex can minimize strong odors contained in foam. If you are looking for a mattress that not only have latex feel but also be healthy for users, a certified organic natural latex will be the best choice.

Latex mattresses are usually made in two ways:

The Dunlop method – this method has been used for long in latex industry. During the processing, the liquid rubber is whipped into a foam, and then poured into a mold. This process aims to mix the raw liquid rubber with air before coagulation. The more it is whipped, the softer it would be. After that, this liquid is poured into a sealed mold and baked to create a firm slab. In addition, when making latex in this way, the latex is fairly durable, but less consistency.

The Talalay Method – the liquid rubber is also whipped into a foam, and then poured in to a mold. After this step, the latex-filled mold is covered, sealed, and air removed by using vacuum. After that, the foam is frozen and heated. With this method, the mattress will be softer than the Dunlop method.

SleepOnLatex mattress layers

SleepOnLatex mattress layers

There is other method to make latex, which is quite new to market. This method uses continuous process. It is rather similar to Talalay method, but uses conveyor instead of a traditional mold to form the foam. The pros of this method is the latex is more consistent than Dunlop method.

Latex Vs Memory Foam

These two materials are fairly competitive in the mattress market. That’s because latex has many similar feels to memory foams. Memory foam can provide deeper compression and pressure relief. Meanwhile, latex can well performance for active sleepers. It is features added bounce, and quick responsiveness. Along with that, Latex is very durable with time, which many purchasers need. However, latex mattresses are usually much more expensive than memory foam mattresses.

Note. Because we have already mentioned the benefits of latex above, so this part we just offer a brief comparison of two.

Top Best Latex Mattress for You

There are plenty of options for best latex mattresses out there, they come in a variety of prices, and qualities. However, each model will provide different support, which just suits the needs of certain sleepers. If you are looking for a latex mattress, but still feel confusing, these are the best latex mattresses for you.

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It is always a good idea to learn about the materials contained in the type of mattresses we are going to purchase. By that way, we know clearly about it, the pros and cons, and also the comparisons to others.

In addition, though, this best latex mattress review seems to place more emphasis on benefits and its pros rather than the cons of latex. It doesn’t mean, latex doesn’t have any drawbacks. Also, it doesn’t mean to underrate memory foam mattresses. Every material has its drawbacks, right? As just that said, after reading this, you have your own comparisons, and your choices depend on your preferences.

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