Amerisleep Americana Mattress Review

Amerisleep Americana Mattress is a good mattress you can find for an affordable price if you are looking for a memory foam mattress. Along with that, the cover is made of Celliant, a great material which can help to regulate body temperature.

If you are curious about Celliant and need to know more about it and the mattress’s details, read my full Amerisleep Americana mattress review.

Amerisleep Americana mattress’s materials


Mostly, the mattresses is built from three layers, but with this model, Amerisleep just uses two layers of foam for making the construction. In addition, the total mattress comes in 10 inches.

Americana foam layers

Americana foam layers

Top layer – a plant-based memory foam called Bio-pur memory foam is the material of this layer. For the thickness, Amerisleep uses 3 inches for this layer. In addition, the foam features open cell structure, which allows air to flow through the mattress easily. Along with that, this foam also provides good softness for sleepers.

Bottom layer – this layer is made of 7″ support foam. Plus, when using a high density type, it is stronger to acts as foundational bas. In addition, this foam is possible to offer deep compression support for sleepers.


For aesthetic look, the cover of Amerisleep Americana mattress looks nice with its white tone. For its function, the fabric is made of a blend of polyester and Celliant. As an overall assessment, the cover is breathable and durable, but what makes it special is Celiant contained in the fabric. This Celiant is constructed from a thermoactive mineral, which is possible to absorb heat, and then turn body heat into infrared light. Ideally, the infrared light can help to relieve pain, and improve oxygenation.

Americana mattress cover

Americana mattress cover

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Firmness feel, support, Sinkage

When compared to its siblings in this line, Amerisleep Americana mattress offers a medium firmness level. This makes it more adapt to the vast majority of sleepers, but it is still not a type for heavy sleepers.

Americana firmness level

Americana firmness level

In addition, due this firmness level, it can provide less hug than others, but it is never a disappointed comfort level type.  Other upsides comes from the open cell memory foam and the Celliant cover, both of these offers cooling feel.

What else? In terms of support and responsiveness, the foams used in making Americana’s construction do not brings you a cheap feel like other mattresses. Especially, you never experience “stuck” feel when lying on this mattress.

How Americana mattress goes through sinkage tests?

For firmness level Americana mattress owns, this model has low tendency to sink with normal uses. It means an individual with average weight and size and sleep as normal ways on the mattress, the mattress create slight imprints on the surface. However, when sitting in aggressive way on the edge, the sinkage is further down into the mattress.

Additional Information

Warranty – it is very long to last 20 years of warranty, the first 10 years full replacement for and pro-rated for the last 10 years

Trial period – with this model, you have 100 nights to try, test and feel how good the mattress is

Refunds & Exchanges – when you are still in your trial period, you can return the mattress back to where you buy if you don’t like it. Amerisleep will give your money back

Options for size – there are 7 options for size available including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King

Where it is made – like its siblings, Americana mattress is manufactures 100% USA

Safety – the foams used for making the construction is off-gassing free, which is safe for users


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Note: the prices of Amerisleep Americana mattress are different a bit, depending on each size. However, they are very affordable, and much more cheaper than other mattresses in this line.

The Reasons for Why You should Buy Amerisleep Americana Mattress

People have different reasons for buying their right mattress. With this Amerisleep’s line, the Celliant cover probably piques most customers’ curiosity. Here are others reasons why you should buy Amerisleep Americana mattress:

  • You are stomach, back, and side sleepers, the mattress can fit nicely to the vast majority of sleepers, except very heavy sleepers
  • If you are curious about Celliant, and want to feel what it is like
  • You don’t like very thick mattress, 10 inches in thickness is ideal
  • If you like a mattress that looks neat and well-made
  • Are you a memory foam lover, and want to look for an affordable mattress,  Amerisleep Americana mattress comes at reasonable price
  • The 20-year warranty is an nice offer for you


Amerisleep Americana mattress is well-constructed and aesthetic, which brings superficial impression for you. As an in-depth look at its construction, it is constructed pretty simple but effective in providing comfort and support. Though there are not many things to talk about like advanced models in this line, overall, you’ll get what you pay for.

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