Amerisleep Independence Mattress Review

Amerisleep Independence mattress is the second model used advanced memory foam for the mattress. Due to this, it is packed with many great features including the pressure relief, deep compression and support. Especially, the soft feel of Amerisleep Independence mattress is very impressive.

In addition, Amerisleep Independence mattress is the second model you can find the Celliant fiber, a great material found in a cover. To have more details on this great mattress, read this Amerisleep Independence Mattress Review.

Amerisleep Independence Mattress’s Materials


Amerisleep Independence Mattress comes in 14 inches of thickness, and becomes a thickest version in this line. In addition, this has several similarities to the Amerisleep Colonial mattress. Let’s look closer to its three layers of foam to see more!

Amerisleep Independence foam layers

Amerisleep Independence foam layers

Top layer – Amerisleep uses a 2-inche Bio-Pur+ foam. Basically, this foam provides the same feel as traditional memory foams, it is soft and relieve pressure. The better is about ability to quicker response. Also, similar to its siblings, this foam also has to go through a reticulation process, aiming to add more coolness and breathability for the mattress.

Middle layer – the material used for making this layer called Activus foam, it comes in 3 inches in thickness. This foam provides a good contour as good as traditional foam, but Amerisleep has developed it to be better for responsiveness. In addition, Activus foam is processed by using the surface modification technology (SMT) for creating the channels in the bottoms, resulting air flows easily through the mattress. The end result is the mattress offers cooler feel. When this layer is combined with the top layer for extra comfort.

Bottom layer – Amerisleep uses a fairly thick foam for this layer, it is a 9-inch bio-core foam. For this unique thickness, the layer is possible to support as a foundational base.


The cover of Amerisleep Indepenence mattress is nice in its all white tone. Also, this somewhat brings a traditional feel rather than something very modern.

However, what makes it special is about the cover’s material. It is blended from a combination of 22% Celliant, 2% spandex, and 77% polyester. More interesting is about the Celliant contained in this fabric. Celliant is constructed from a thermo-reactive minerals. And these minerals are possible to turn body temperature into infrared light – a great energy to relieve pains and improve sleep. It means, cover isn’t only a thing to add cushion for sleepers, it is a therapy.

Firmness Feel, Support and Motion Transfer

Close up of the foam layers. Note the open cell structure of the top layer of memory foam.

When compared to its siblings from this line, Amerisleep Independence mattress falls into a very softness level. This softness allows side sleepers can have more hug around their shoulders and hips. Plus, it is easily contouring to your body shape.

Furthermore, the foams used for making the layers are high quality, which provides good pressure relief and bounce. This results an even distribution of body weight when lying down on the mattress. However, stomach sleepers may need firmer feeling.

Along with that, sleeping on Amerisleep Independence mattress is fairly comfortable. Why so? Heat retention seems unavoidable with memory foam mattresses, but Amerisleep has manages to minimize heat. Thanks to surface modification technology, and reticulation process, the foam is more breathable and cooler.  Meanwhile, Celliant also helps to regulate your body temperature.

In addition, there is a compliment for the edge support of this mattress. It is much stronger than many other memory foam mattresses. The thickness of total mattress also matters, it adds the deep compression support and stability for the mattress.

How about motion transfer?  Most of the models from this line show a little motion transfer, making it more ideal for couples. Also, in terms of sinkage, it performs well, meaning normal uses don’t increase the risks of experiencing sinkage in a short time.

Additional Information

  • Warranty – Amerisleep offers a very strong warranty, which lasts up to 20 years
  • Refunds & Exchanges – if you don’t content with the experience with the mattress, you are allowed to return it back to where you buy it, and get your money back
  • Trial period – you can give it a try for 90 days to know your right mattress
  • Made in USA – all mattresses from Amerisleep are manufactured in USA
  • Safety – the memory foams are plant-based, and contains no off-gassing


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Why should take Amerisleep Independence Mattress into Considerations?

If you are looking for a best mattress, and feel confusing with the best mattress reviews on the Internet. And all you want is narrow down your list, here are reasons you should take Amerisleep Independence mattress into your considerations:

  • You are looking for memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep even offers better option for this because this is an advanced memory foam designed and developed by Amerisleep
  • You need the soft feel, which is contouring to your body shape easily
  • The height of mattress also matters when choosing a mattress, and fairly tall in height is your need
  • You wants a slight sinkage, with normal uses, average sizes and weights, Amerisleep Independence mattress doesn’t a good job for this
  • A long-year warranty is important to you, this mattress offers up to 20 years
  • Amerisleep Independence mattress offers 7 options for size including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King

Note. Amerisleep Independence mattress is the thickest and the most expensive of all 5 mattresses from this line. In addition, depending on each size, the price is different a bit.


Amerisleep Independence mattress actually has many similarities to Amerisleep Colonial mattress in the way it is manufactured and materials used. This results in the same feel for support, bounce, responsiveness and pressure relief. However, there are still differences, especially, this model is thicker, more expensive.

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