Zoom Fast Black Lash Is a Spiky, Smudgy Mess


Okay, so Zoom Fast Black Lash isnt a complete disaster and it does have some good qualities, but overall, I wouldnt buy a tube.

I got some free samples with a purchase so I decided to give it a try, even though I wasnt a huge fan of the regular Zoom Lash I tried a few years ago.

Zoom Fast Black Lash differs from the regular Zoom Lash in color. Zoom Fast is a deeper black, which I love. Its one of the darkest mascaras Ive tried. The formulas very wet, like Maybelline Great Lashs formula, so it ends up on my eyelids almost every time I apply it.

The brush isnt like the one that comes in Great Lash at all, though. Its bigger and a bit fluffier, and it reminds me a bit of the LOreal Voluminous and Maybelline Full n Soft brushes. Its not one of the new, rubbery brushes that are showing up in a lot of the newer mascaras.

Theres nothing remarkable or gimmicky about its shape, either, which I can also appreciate. Its just a typical mascara brush, from what I can tell.

I think the end results are only okay, but Im a bit paranoid that my lashes look too clumpy when I wear it. They clump more with this formula than with most other ones I wear, and each set of two or three lashes that becomes one big lash looks extra spiky on the end. Each of those sets seems very defined, but not flirty or natural. The results are more of an odd combination of drama and cartoonish definition.

Watery formulas tend to smudge more, in my experience. After a few hours, I had some smudging under my lower lashes, but it wasnt anything terrible. It actually added to the look.

However, I scratched near my eye when it was watering a bit and my fingertip came back black. I can only imagine what Id look like if I got caught in the rain or cried while wearing it.



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