Zenni Optical Glasses Are Good for Kids Going Back to School and Moms, Too!


Ive ordered at least five pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical and Ive enjoyed all of them (except one oddly-shaped pair) much more than any pair of glasses Ive ever bought at an optical shop (and I used to work in one!).

There are glasses on the site that cost just $6.95, including single vision lenses. Prices go up from there, of course, but the frames are still much more reasonably priced than the designer ones in other stores. They just dont have that designer name on them.

What I like about the Zenni Optical glasses Ive purchased:

  • Ive almost always gotten plastic frames and theyve always fit me well and hold their shape! For years! I cannot say that about any pair of frames Ive gotten from anywhere else. They always need to be adjusted, heated up, bent back into shape, etc. Its a pain. I havent had to fix any of the Zenni Optical frames. I dont know what it is.
  • Theyre cheap! Even if you need bifocals, theyre still much less than youll spend elsewhere.
  • Ive never had anything go wrong with my order. Now that Ive said that, Im crossing my fingers that I didnt just jinx myself, but so far, so good.
  • You can try on the glasses online before you purchase them. Ive never done that, so I dont know how accurate that is. Its better than nothing, but it still may not be a perfect representation of how theyll look on your face if the picture isnt just right.

The downsides:

There are only two things Im not a huge fan of when it comes to Zenni Optical, and it goes along with ordering glasses online anywhere, so it isnt specific to this company:

  • Measuring for your PD can be a little nerve-wracking. Im always nervous that I got it wrong.
  • You cant actually try them on your face before you buy them. You can upload a picture, but they may not be as perfect as you thought when you got them.

If you need a pair of glasses and dont want to pay a fortune, or if your child wears glasses and you know you need a few back-up pairs for school, I suggest giving them a look.

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