Yves Saint-Laurent Touche clat Radiant Touch Is Beautiful, but It Isnt Worth the Hype


Yves Saint-Laurent Touche clat Radiant Touch isnt worth the price tag (for 0.1 oz). Dont get me wrong, I really do like what it does for my complexion, but I could just as easily get something similar from the drugstore for much less. Nah. Ill pass. Ill spend that money on skin care products instead.

I only received a sample (shade 1, Luminous Radiance), so I cant comment on the brush or the speed or volume at which the product comes out of the wand. I can say how the product itself performs, though. Its a lightweight gel-like cream with the sheen of a well-blended highlighter (so no shimmer or glitterjust a beautiful, dewy glow thats intense enough to only be used on small areas).

If youve heard of this product before (its kind of a cult classic makeup product), you may have heard of it being used under the eyes to brighten dark circles. I dont think it works well this way at all. Its like shining a spotlight on a flaw.

However, using an opaque concealer on the circles and then using this on the inner corner of the eyes and right along the tops of the cheekbones (close to your eyes) can have a brightening effect while drawing attention everywhere but the actual problem area.

It works well for lifting the cheekbones when applied that way, too. It can make you look more awake when you apply it to the outer edge of the eye, like a sideways V with the point close to the outer corner of your eye. Use it in nasolabial lines to draw the area forward and reduce their appearance or pop a little above the center of your upper lip for a plumping effect.

Yves Saint-Laurents highlighting wand does work, but I just feel that there are other, less expensive options on the market, like Maybellines Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, which has a little less sheen (why it still works well as a concealer) but still does generally the same thing. A flesh-toned cream eyeshadow with a pinkish tint could also work the same way.



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