Would a Balance Bike Help Your Child?


Teaching my son how to ride a bike was one of the hardest parenting tasks I’ve faced so far. He struggles with hand-eye coordination and was terrified of falling.

He refused to even attempt to ride a bike with no training wheels until several of the kids in our neighborhood started to tease him.

He can ride a bike fine now, but it was quite a struggle. The day he rode around the block without falling was the happiest day of my life, aside from the day when I purchased my last pack of baby diapers!

If I even end up in the position of having to teach another child how to ride a bike, I will definitely be looking into getting a balance bike. This is a bike with no pedals or training wheels that helps your child develop the balancing skills necessary for riding a real bike.

I only recently learned about this type of product, but it seems like something that would be helpful for kids like my son.

There are apparently several different versions of the balance bike available, but Smart Gear seems to be a popular seller of the bikes on Amazon.

The classic balance bike in this post has several positive reviews from satisfied parents. It’s more money than a regular toddler sized bike with training wheels, but anything that would keep other parents from going through the same disastrous teaching experience I had seems like a great idea to me.

Have you ever used a balance bike to teach a child how to ride a bike? If so, do you think this method is helpful?

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