What Are The General Guidance On Buying A Baby Stroller?

You are the first time parent or you’re a parent having one, two or three children of multiple ages or twins. Whether taking power walk, going shopping for groceries, walking through the park, heading downtown on the subway, a stroller is a key piece of baby gear that every parents definitely need in their registry.

Generally, parents use a stroller until their child is able to walk on his own (up to age 3 or 4). Parents who walk long distances or for a long day use a stroller until their child is 7 or 8 years old. Hence stroller is actually necessary for going about your day with a baby.

But what stroller is best for you?  The manufacturers are offering various types of strollers– from full-featured full size strollers to specially strollers that are fit every lifestyle.

What Kind Of Stroller You Need?

It’s true to say that it is really hard to tell which type of stroller is best for your family. Considering the following may help you to find the right one-

Where you live

Where you expect to push your stroller

What is your budget for buying a stroller

If you’re a city dweller and has to navigate rough surfaces or public transportation, small and lightweight but durable stroller is perfect for you. For parents who live in suburban and need to drive most places, there have a lot of options for them. If there are stairs in your daily life, you should consider the weight and collapsible of a stroller. Overall, you should choose a  stroller that is easy to open, close and steer.

What Are The General Guidance On Buying A Baby Stroller?

There is no universal rule that you have to have a stroller, but can you imagine how hard it is if you’re planning to leave the house with your baby? Obviously, you’ll appreciate the extra mobility of a stroller.

Most parents end up buying at least two strollers- one for primary use and the other one to fulfill whatever needs the primary one doesn’t. Whatever you choose, first you need to figure out what kind of stroller you want.

For Primary Stroller:

  • If you walk a few blocks at a time or use your car to get around and want more storage for your belongings and your child’s essentials, you should prefer a full-size stroller as your primary stroller.
  • If you like to enjoy all the features of a full-sized stroller, but you’re an active parent who needs to go outdoors a lot, and also use your car to get around, you should select all-terrain stroller as your primary one.
  • If you often need to be taken public transportation and you need portability, you should choose umbrella stroller.

For Secondary Stroller:

  • Almost all parents who use a full-size or all-terrain stroller, also prefer an umbrella stroller as a secondary one. Some parents consider an umbrella stroller as a must-have companion where as some others use it for its ease and flexibility.
  • Parents who are serious runners also invest in a jogging stroller.
  • Parents who need to travel frequently, buy travel system strollers.
  • Parents with more than one child prefer a double stroller as their secondary one.

What Are The Basic Choices?

Standard Strollers/ Full-sized Strollers

  • Larger and sturdier
  • Available in many different styles and designs
  • Features a comfortable padded seat
  • Reclinable seat into different positions
  • Most have a canopy and a storage basket
  • Forward facing or rear facing
  • Ranges from simple, inexpensive to high-end, more expensive model

Lightweight/ Umbrella Stroller

  • Suitable for toddler or older babies
  • Weighs only 12 pounds or less
  • Easy, single-handed folding
  • Ideal for navigating small spaces
  • Usually not recommended for infants
  • The seat isn’t fully reclinable

Travel System

  • Include a stroller and infant car seat
  • Also come with a simple toddler seat
  • Compitable with an infant car seat
  • Larger and heavier
  • More expensive

All-terrain Strollers

  • Sport-utility stroller
  • A great alternative to buying both a full-size stroller and a jogger
  • Have all the features of a full-size stroller
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Three- wheeled stroller
  • Designed for long walks, runs or hikes through woods
  • Relatively light weight
  • Features a hand-brake and safety strap
  • Double joggers carry children either side-by-side or one-behind-the-other

Double And Triple Strollers

  • Carry two or more children at once
  • Available in tandem models or side-by-side model
  • Tandem are easier to maneuver while side-by-side is somewhat harder to handle in a crowded place

What to look for when buying a Baby Stroller?


Safety features include the brakes, safety strap, harness and stroller frame lock.

  • Brakes ensures the strollers not to roll away when you’re not moving. Brakes should be conveniently located and easy to operate.
  • Safety strap, located near the handlebars, provides extra security. Specially if you live in a hilly city, you can attach it around your wrist to prevent the stroller down on an incline
  • A stroller frame should firmly lock in its position to prevent it from collapsing while carrying a baby.
  • Harness system should be comfortable, easy to unhook the buckle and secure for child.
  • JPMA certified stroller ensures that it meets all the safety standards for your baby.

Adjustable seat:

Recyclable at almost flat position seat is a must have feature for newborn. For toddler and older babies it is a plus for their comfortable ride and napping on the move.


It’s you who will maneuver your baby stroller. So, the stroller should be easy to push in a straight line and easier to turn.

Handle height:

A stroller featuring an adjustable handle is comfortable for parents of different height.

Adjustable Canopy:

This is an important feature to keep protected your child from the elements. An adjustable canopy make the ride comfortable for your baby.


To make strolling easy and comfortable for you, a storage option is a must-have feature of a stroller.


Make sure you consider the stroller that features a removable fabric cover and easy to wash.


If you plan to have more children, multi-baby or multi-stage option will allow you to keep adding to your growing family.

Jogger Feature:

If you plan to buy a jogger, you should consider overall weight, size, wheels and collapsibility.

Final Verdict

Still confused to select the best one for your baby?

If you’re overwhelmed with tons of features offered by hundreds of brands, a better way to choose the right one is getting a solid recommendation from a relative or a friend you trust, leading a lifestyle similar to you.

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