Do You Really Need A Lightweight Stroller For Travel Around?

Are you looking for an easier way to transport your little one everywhere? Then, cool lightweight stroller is the best choice for you. This type of stroller is smaller and compact than a traditional stroller and perfect for quick trips or travel around  town with babies.

This lightweight option ensures the comfort of parents as well as baby during day trips. This type of stroller features low weight and an easy folding mechanism that makes the stroller easier to get in and out of the car, up stairs, etc.

Because of its ability to fit in tight spaces, fold down easily and simply, this type of strollers is  so favorable to parents for running errands. This stroller usually comes with seat buckles, footrest and other comfort padding.

A Quick Look On Lightweight Stroller-

  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Easy and single-handed folding
  • Suitable for babies more than 6 months
  • Weighs only 12 pounds or less
  • Ideal for navigating tight spaces
  • Usually not recommended for infants
  • The seat isn’t completely reclinable, though some newer models feature seats that recline fully flat.
  • Car-seat compatible (an adapter may be needed)

Types of Lightweight Strollers

Not all lightweight strollers are same. There are a lot of variations of this type of stroller. Lightweight strollers are basically three types:

  • Umbrella strollers
  • Car seat frame strollers, and
  • Convenience strollers

Let’s have a look to understand the difference of each type.

Umbrella Strollers: 

Best Used For: Daily errands, Traveling, and quick trips

Age Recommendation: 6 months+ up to 3 or 4 years

What We Like-
  • Inexpensive compared to the other types of this category
  • Features curved umbrella type handles
  • Fold easily and compactly
  • Fits easily in the trunk of a car
  • Accommodate children up to 3 or 4 years of age (some models)
What We Don’t Like
  • Don’t offer head or neck support for baby
  • Not suitable for infant less than 6 months
  • Usually doesn’t come with much storage space and canopy

Looking for a top rated umbrella stroller?

Car Seat Frame Strollers:

Best used For:  Daily errands, Shopping, Travelling, Quick trips

Recommended Age: Newborn  to  1 Year (depending on model of car seat and size of the baby)

What We Like
  • Very light weight
  • Fold easily
  • Compatible with car seats
  • Convenience to transfer baby from car to stroller
  • Consist only of a frame where the car seat locks into place
  • Safe and comfortable reclined seat position
  • Underneath storage
  • Features baby’s front facing or rear facing
What We Don’t Like

This is a primary baby great stroller. You’ll need to accommodate another stroller when your baby grows.

Convenience Strollers:

Best used For: Walks, daily errands, quick trips, traveling, shopping

Recommended age:  Over 6 months unless it fully reclines

What We Like
  • Feature-rich stroller
  • Comes with storage, a broad canopy, snack tray, and a reclining seat
  • Mini full-sized stroller
What We Don’t Like
  • Bulkier and heavier
  • Less comfortable for child than full size stroller
  • Smaller wheels that are not suitable for travel or long walks.

Do You Really Need A Lightweight Stroller?

Most lightweight strollers are designed for babies six months or older. If your baby can sit up on his/her own, then you can use it for him/ her. Although, nowadays some lightweight strollers are also recommended for infants, make sure the stroller is sturdy  and seat reclines fully. Most parents use this type of stroller as a secondary one in addition to standard or perfect jogging stroller.

Where the size and weight of a full size stroller is not suitable to use, lightweight stroller is perfect in that case because of its simple, compact features for commuting or traveling. Very specific situations like plane travel or crowded places, where main stroller isn’t suitable for its size, this stroller serves well in those cases.

Thing To Consider Before Buying A Lightweight Stroller

Before you decide to buy a lightweight stroller, the following most important factors you should consider-

Performance Considerations

The performance of each stroller may vary. So, it is necessary to consider how this stroller works and what features you should look for when deciding to buy one. These performance considerations will help you to sort and narrow down the field.


Think for what purpose and how much time you will use the stroller. If you need to use the stroller once a week and will sit in the back of the car, then look at the lightweight stroller. This compact designed and lightweight option does the job well.

Size of the stroller

When it comes to a lightweight stroller, stroller size is an essential factor to consider. Stroller size influences the overall experience of the user and baby. If the stroller is big in size, it will not be convenient for the user. Again, if the stroller is too small in size, the passengers won’t feel comfortable in it. So, select the size that will meet your needs.


Think about how long the stroller will be used each time you leave your house. If you take a quick trip or all day running errands, reviews the features of the stroller that will ensure the comfort of your baby depending on the length of your trips.


One of the most important thing is to make sure the stroller is safe for your baby. Choose the one that is JPMA certified. Also check the harness are safe and comfortable for your baby.


Before making a decision to buy a lightweight stroller, you should keep the budget in mind. And this is also the most important thing. Don’t be overwhelmed with the features of a stroller. First think the purpose of using a stroller, the time that your baby will be in it and then consider whether the price of the stroller is affordable to you or not.


Finally, you should make your choice carefully. The lightweight version is usually lighter than any other stroller available in the market, but offers more convenience and comfort. If you want something compact, convenient and lightweight that works perfectly with your lifestyle, lightweight stroller is the best alternate to you.

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