Hair Loss After Pregnancy: Normal or Not?

Pregnancy is among the many phases of a woman’s life that can be life changing. Right from the time that a woman found out she will have a baby soon already changes her life. The change is no just related to bringing a life in this world, building a family or to have someone who you need to care for the rest of your life. A big change can also take place in a woman’s body. During pregnancy, there will be stretch marks, big tummy, weight gain, body aches and the like. It does not just end there. After pregnancy, more changes can take place. One of such is hair loss.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

It is very common among women to experience hair loss after pregnancy. The good news is, it is just temporary. Keeping that fact in mind can help make a woman to feel relieved during the time of her life that she became a mother.

While pregnant, hormones enhanced the skin and the hair. Such hormones were produced in order to help the baby. It also enables the hair of the baby to be intact to the scalp longer, gives thicker and fuller hair.

The hair of humans experience two stages. The first stage is about 90% of the stage that involves growing. The rest of the 10% is the resting stage that stays for 3 month period. The resting stage is followed by falling of hair and new hair will start to grow.

The growth of the hair can be sluggish while pregnancy happens. It is caused by the estrogenic hormones. The reason is that the hair is leading to the resting period at slower phase. Even so, the new hair will still continue growing. Thus, women will have more hair than the usual that are thicker.

After pregnancy, the hormonal level will be back to normal and this requires around three months waiting time. For a woman to who will experience hair loss after pregnancy, the process starts by the time when the hormonal level has been normalized.

Hair loss differs in every woman. There are women who would only lost few strands while others may lose clumps at certain point. For first time mothers, losing a bunch of hair can be stressful and worrisome.

Re-growing of the hair may take about three months time. As it grows back, the hair can be in varying lengths. This is something quite apparent when too much hair has fallen. The thickness of the hair during the pre-pregnancy period may require one year to be seen again.

Hair loss after pregnancy is a normal thing to happen. Not everyone would like it of course but it is bound to happen as it is part of the many changes after pregnancy. Anyhow, there are ways to care for the hair after giving birth. These are easy to follow tips that can help during the stressful phase of life. These are the tips for hair loss:

  • Talk to your health care provider and check if your hormones are balanced.
  • As much as possible, avoid any stress on the hair such as the use of hair instruments and too much hair styling.
  • Prevent using hair products like shampoos and conditioners made from harsh chemicals. In the modern world of today, there are many organic or all natural hair products to choose from.
  • Eat balanced diet and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Such food items are enriched with antioxidants and fibers that can support growth of hair and protect its follicles too.
  • Eradicate stress as it can affect your hormones.
  • Never use sharp toothed combs on wet hair.
  • Take supplements but check first with your physician if you are breastfeeding. Supplements that can help are B-complex, Ascorbic acid, vitamin E and even zinc.

Truly, having a child is a blessing. It takes a lot of strength and responsibility for a woman to be called a mother. Aside from the many struggles of being pregnant, the journey after it never ends. All you need is a support from your husband and health care professional. In the end, you can be the best looking mother for your family.

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