How to Manage Pregnancy Digestive Discomforts

A number of different activities start in your body when you become pregnant. The important prominent are the activities of pregnancy hormones. Progesterone and estrogen are two important pregnancy hormones that help support your baby growth. The massive activities of these hormones also cause some changes in your body as well.

How to Manage Pregnancy Digestive Discomforts

When the progesterone levels increase in your body, you begin to experience sluggishness of smooth muscle. By smooth muscle we don’t mean biceps and thighs, but the muscle that forms your digestive and circulatory system. Hence, when you become pregnant, your digestive system naturally slows down a bit.

Perhaps, this could be the major reason for some early pregnancy symptoms including: morning sickness, heartburn, gas and constipation. Certainly, sluggishness of smooth muscle will affect the process of digestion and cause you several digestive discomforts.

The only way to relieve your discomforts is to understand how to deal with your slowed down digestive system. It is not hard to deal with your digestive problems, if you plan things wisely. Following are given some useful suggestions that can help you overcome your pregnancy digestive discomforts.

Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently: Instead of eating 2-3 larger meals, try to take 5-6 smaller meals. This will not only ensure that you are getting enough food, but also improve digestion.

>Walk after Meals: Walk is always good for health even if you are not pregnant. Regular walk will help you avoid constipation as walk is a good natural laxative. Also, the pelvis movement will help improve the functions of digestive system.

Eat a Variety of Fresh Fruits: Include fresh and dried fruits in your daily diet plan as these will help improve the working of system.

Eat More Fiber: Fiber is an important nutrient. It absorbs extra water from the food as it moves through the digestive system. It helps preventing sluggishness of system.

Avoid Offending Foods: You need to be a good observant. Keep a good understanding of which foods troubles you a lot. There are certain foods that make you feel sick and uncomfortable. Avoid eating those foods and substitute them with other healthy foods.

Eat Protein Before Bed: Food is a source of energy for your body. Whatever you eat is broken down into glucose to fulfill your body’s requirements. But you can make smart choices to avoid digestive discomforts. Naturally, your body takes less time digesting carbohydrates and fats, but longer to digest protein. So, having a protein rich snack before bed will help you avoid the morning sickness.

Eat Crackers Before Getting Out of Bed: Empty stomach often cause problems for you, especially morning sickness. A cracker after getting of bed can serve the purpose.

Do Pelvic Rocks: Pelvic rocking is another useful way to improve working of digestive system. Pelvic rocking allows your uterus to hang which means more stretching and flexing of digestive system. After having a dinner, wait for about an hour before doing some pelvic rocking. Read more about Pelvic Pressure During Pregnancy.

Drink Water: Water is also very vital. Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking less water during pregnancy may cause constipation as there be will no water there to be absorbed by fiber to keep things working smooth for you.

Put a Low Stool Under Your Feet While You Use the Bathroom: Whenever you feel the need to use bathroom, better keep a low stool under your feet.

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