Casper Mattress Review

Casper is a young company but quite popular in the mattress market. This is because of many things. As a simple judgment, Casper mattress is good for its price. It provides medium firmness and good support for side sleepers. If you are interested in foam mattress, seek for medium firmness and need an affordable mattress, keep reading my Casper mattress review for more details.

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Casper mattress’s Materials


Casper mattress is made of 4 layers of foam that results in 9.5 inches in total thickness. The big differences come in the thickness and density used for each layer. In addition, Casper has changed their design for mattress three times. The details below are the latest version:

Casper mattress layers

Casper mattress layers

Top layer – Casper uses a 1.5″ of responsive poly foam for making the top layer. This aims to provide the great cushion, and bounce for mattress. In addition, the top is also designed to be contoured to your body, resulting comfort for sleepers.

Second layer – a memory foam that comes with 1.5 inches and a density of 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) is used. This aims to achieve the pressure relief and support goals for the mattress.

Third layer – this layer is made of 1.5″ poly foam, but the density comes with 2.5 PCF. This acts as a transitional layer.

Bottom layer – the foundational base is designed with support poly foam. In additional, this foam has density of 1.8 PCF and 5 inches in thickness.


The design for Casper mattress’s look is something as common a standard for many online mattresses. It is simple, yet nice enough. The top surface is 100% white but the sides is grey and studier. There are differences in the components used for making the fabric.

Casper mattress cover

Casper mattress cover

The top surface is made of 100% polyester, meanwhile, side panels are made of 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene. This different portions lead to different feels. The top surface is softer and thinner. Along with that, because the cover is fairly porous, it helps to add more breathable and cooling feel for the mattress.

Additionally, not all Casper mattress’s covers are assembled in USA, some are assembled in Mexico. Along with that, the material used for making the cover is derived from Belgium and USA.

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Firmness Feel, Support and Others

In terms of firmness level, Casper mattress is rated as 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale when compared to many its competitions. In addition, the poly foam and memory foam are chosen to combine together on purpose, which aims to provide unparalleled support without sacrifice in bounce. What’s more? The memory foam is placed right under the poly foam layer as the way to minimize heat retention – a common issue of memory foam.

Casper mattress firmness

Casper firmness

With this combination of two top layers, the mattress is able to provide medium firmness, great softness and good contour to body of side sleepers, back and even stomach sleepers, but this doesn’t provide supportive support enough for heavy sleepers. They make mattress easily sunk very far down.

Sadly, the edge support of Casper mattress is not something too great. It is weaker a bit than many mattresses out there. Especially, you can easily see that when sitting on the edge. This isn’t beneficial to those who sleep close to the edge and not ideal for amorous activities as well. However, this issue is still something acceptable for me who doesn’t sit much on edge of the mattress for daily activities like watching TV or using smartphone.

Casper Mattress Upgrades

There have been three upgraded versions of Casper mattress since Casper launched its business on mattress in 2014. The one we review is the latest version. Here are the details of each version as Queen size:

The first Casper version: the mattress comes in 9.5 inches in total thickness, and it consists  1.5″ latex, 1.5″ memory foam, 6.5″ support foam layer.

The second Casper version: the mattress has 9.5 inches in total thickness, and includes 1.5″ latex, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam, 5.0″ support foam layer. In addition, this version was released in 2016.

The third Casper version: the mattress is designed with 9.5 inches and 4 layers including 1.5″ response poly foam, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam, 5.0″ support foam. In addition, this was released in January, 2017 and is the latest version of Casper mattress.

Additional Information

Warranty – we have 10 years as a warranty when purchasing Casper mattress

Trial period – Casper will offer you 100 nights to try the mattress, if you don’t like it, you are allowed to return back to Casper for a full refund.

Where it is made – the mattress isn’t completely made in USA, border fabric is manufactured in Belgium, the cover is made in Mexico, the construction is made in USA.

Smell – the mattress has strong smell when first arrives your home, but this doesn’t last long, so you don’t need to worry about the smell.

Is it health-friendly? – The foams used in the Casper are Certi-PUR certified. That means the mattress contains no harmful chemical or toxic substances

Size – there are available 6 options for size, each choice leads to a difference in price.

Price – the prices of Casper mattresses are reasonable. They range from $500 – $1200. At these price points, Casper mattresses are higher than other mattresses that have similar specifications.

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Who would Like Casper Mattress?

Every mattress has got negative feedbacks from its customer, Casper mattress isn’t an exception. This is just a normal thing to have because each individual has differences in weights, sizes, sleeping position and preference. It is even a so-called best mattress that can’t suit all the needs of all sleepers.

  • Who prefers medium firmness level
  • Who are back sleepers
  • Who are side sleepers that weigh 170 – 250 lbs
  • Who aren’t overweight sleepers
  • Who looks for an affordable mattress
  • Who aren’t too picky for outer look
  • Who looks for cooling feel

Who would not Like Casper mattress?

  • Who seeks for pretty firm mattresses
  • Who relies on negative feedbacks rather than the positive ones
  • Who are more into 100% USA made mattresses
  • Who looks for memory foam mattresses that comes with gel infusion
  • Who has a habit to sit on edge of the mattress doing things or sleeping very near the edges.


If you’ve read a lot of Casper mattress reviews and felt confusing with the negative reviews on this mattress, you need to bear in mind that, Casper mattress does have upsides, they are its softness, contour and reasonable price. In addition, there are still many positive feedbacks from the customers, read both to have your own decision.

Lastly, the model that you’ve read the review is the older version. If you are interested in the latest version of Casper, it is currently available on this site. However, we will update it soon.

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