Best Backpack Child Carriers – Unbiased Reviews

Parents who like to remain active with infants and toddlers will love a backpack child carrier. This type of carrier is designed to be comfortable for both parents and children even for extended periods of time. Use a child carrier for trips to amusement parks, hiking, festivals, and even shopping. Children get tired easily, and carrying them can be challenging and exhausting. Strollers work great but are not always an option at some places. A backpack child carrier can easily be brought in small cars or on a bus, making it more versatile than a stroller. Here are our picks for the best backpack child carriers.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier

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Littlelife Freedom carrrier is designed to be used like a backpack, with the child being carried on your back. There is a harness, hip belt strap, and stabilizer straps that can be adjusted based on the height and size of the user. It is best to adjust the carrier to your personal comfort before placing your child in the carrier. The seat where a child sits is anatomically designed for children, making it snug and cozy for your child. Use the child harness and height adjustment straps to position your child properly. Your child’s arms will remain free and not restricted. A unique feature of this child carrier is the optional foot stirrups. Keeping your child comfortable will help them relax and enjoy being in the carrier.

For additional comfort, the adjustable Air-flow backsystem prevents heat from building up and creates a separation between the carrier and your back. This is perfect for hot days or when you will be using the carrier for a long period of time. Reducing excess heat and sweat will help prevent skin irritation and keep parents and children cool. Use the included canopy to keep your child protected from the sun and rain.

A huge convenience that this carrier has is the ample storage. There are toy attachment loops to keep toys close at hand. Several pockets in the front are easily accessible and are large enough for drinks and snacks. One of the side pouches can hold a 1L water bottle. The other side pouch zips shut to store important personal items such as car keys and wallets.

The Littlelife Freedom Child Carrier has the technology and design for comfortable wearing and accessories that make it easy and safe to use. Enjoy your trips and traveling more when you and your child are happy and comfortable with using the Little Freedom Child Carrier.

Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier


Experience freedom on the city streets and on country roads with the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier. Designed to maximize family outings, this product is the preferred choice for those who enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle with their child. Available in orange and blue, parents and caregivers will receive many glances from admires when they carry their child in this sleek and stylish carrier.

The Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is suitable for a child who weighs less than 40 pounds. The easily adjustable child harness offers a fun yet secure ride for little ones who are within the weight specifications. The parent harness is also adjustable to provide an ergonomic fit for adults of all heights and body types. The harness is equipped with padded shoulders and hip belts, which support against children and parents’ bodies. The air-tech mesh panels across the back of the product keeps the body cool while contouring to the spine for additional comfort. This technologically advanced harness system will distribute the weight of a child on a parent’s hips and not on his/her shoulders. As a result, the parent and child team can participate in activities for more than an hour.

Another highlight of the product is the drink bottle storage and streamline pockets. This great feature enables users to access essential items like keys, cell phone, and a wallet quickly and efficiently. The detachable mini-backpack provides little ones with the same benefit. Children can store important items like snacks, drinks, and small games in this cute and practical accessory. The mini-backpack can also be used as a diaper bag.

The Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is made of extremely durable materials such as high-grade fabrics, which are washable and waterproof. The product also contains an internal aluminum frame and stand to provide strength and stability when parents are getting ready for a grocery run, day trip, or other outings. Moreover, these high-quality materials help parents load their child in the carrier safely by securing the adjustable hardness. Next, the caregivers can grip the strong handle to lift the carrier onto his/her back. After using the item, parents can simply fold the carrier to a flat position. Because the product folds to 23.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches, the carrier can be easily carried on a plane. The item can also fit comfortably in the trunk of a car.

Although the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier is made with the highest quality of construction, the product comes with a two-year guarantee period for manufacturing defections. The consumer needs to register the item on the company’s website to have access to this benefit. A parent and child will definitely love the Phil&Teds Parade Child Carrier.

Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier

The innovative Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier is both lightweight and sturdy, and is packed with convenient details to make for a smart, comfortable ride for both children and parents. It’s tough enough to tackle the trails, but easy enough to use for daily urban adventures.

Made of durable fabric on a metal frame, this carrier can hold a child up to 40 pounds and can stand up to daily use in any and all weather. The metal alloy frame features a kickstand which enables the carrier to sit upright, making it easy to load or unload children. It can also fold flat for ease in travel and storage. Tough oxford cloth covers the frame and can stand up to mud, rain, and scrapes from active use. The fabric comes in two colors and cleans up in a snap.

The child seat sits high, giving kids an unparalleled view. It is well padded and the soft backing sports wide, comfortable shoulder straps to keep children safe and secure inside. The fabric is quick cleaning and stylish. A removable cloth canopy with clear plastic sides can function as a sunshade or a rain canopy to protect little ones from the elements. Two mesh side pockets with cinch tops are designed to hold water bottles, and a huge back pocket suspends under the seat and is big enough to fit diapers, wipes, snacks and any other essentials.

For the adult, this carrier sports extra cushiony shoulder straps and a thickly padded hip belt to evenly distribute weight and to make for a more comfortable ride. All straps are adjustable for a customized fit, allowing for quick and effortless changes between parents of different heights. The hip belt is plush and contoured with a zippered pocket sewn in to secure money, keys, and other parent necessities.

This full-featured carrier weighs a mere 5 pounds and can support up to 40 pounds safely. Children can begin using it once they can safely hold their head up on their own. The exceptional quality and durability of the design means that the Cross Country Carrier can stand up to years of regular use.

The Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier is loaded with thoughtful details and innovative engineering to offer parents an unrivaled option in a carrier. Lightweight, easy to use, and durable, it provides the ultimate in comfort and convenience for both parent and child. Whether hitting the trails or trekking through town, The Cross Country Carrier makes it easy and comfortable to travel as a family.

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