Which Stroller Is Right For Me

Are you tired of hearing “Buying a stroller is like buying a car” Or “No stroller is perfect”?

Being confused, are you now asking yourself “Which stroller is right for me”?

If so, stop for a moment.

All of our efforts is to help you to find the right stroller in terms of models, features, and options.

Before going forward, we’d like to ask you a very simple question “Have you find the best stroller for your baby?”

If your answer is “YES”, we’d like to know “Is the best stroller for your baby, right fit for you?”

Sounds critical?


To find the right stroller for you, keep reading our article.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be able to find the right option for you.

The Right Stroller For You- Parent’s Checklist

What Types Of Parent Are You?

  • Active Parents
  • Urban Parents
  • All-around Parents

Your lifestyle has a great impact while determining to figure out which will be the right stroller for you.

You’re an active parent and need to walk with your baby a lot. You also like to take your baby with you while on jogging or running. In this situation, a jogging stroller is a good choice for you.

This type of stroller is perfect not only for daily activities but also to take it on and off road. Look at the features like agility, better traction, and lighter frame while selecting jogging stroller.

If you are a city dweller, depending on your living situation, choose the stroller that folds up compact, lightweight, easy to maneuver and versatile.

If you’re a super busy parent, choose the stroller with the maximum versatility. Consider all-in-one stroller that will cover all your bases.

However, you need a stroller to move safely with your baby. Hence, an all-purpose stroller isn’t recommended to run with. Although jogging stroller is heavy and sturdy, it’s not ideal for everyday and frequent use.

What Kind Of Terrain Will You Do Most Of Your Strolling On?

  • City streets and urban areas
  • Hiking trails and parks
  • Suburban neighborhoods

Urban areas and crowded city street walking parents need a stroller with good suspension and wheel. But make sure that the stroller isn’t too big to in and out of the crowds.

If you need to go to twisty, bumpy roads with your baby, consider the stroller with good suspension, traction, and sturdy wheels.

Stroller having the basic features works well in suburban neighborhoods.

How Much Space Do You Have For A Stroller?

  • Plenty
  • Some
  • Not much

If you’re concerned about space in your car or home, the compact is key!

Look for the stroller that is perfect for small spaces, better suit in the trunk or garage. Compact strollers are a great choice for urban dwellers having limited storage space.

Moreover, take into account that the stroller is compact and folds up without sacrificing the quality and style.

  • Do You Need To Load And Unload The Stroller Out Of Your Car Often?

Heavier and lightweight- you’ve both options when buying a stroller.

Need to load and unload the stroller out of your car often?

Then, you should consider some features such as lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, and easy to handle.

Is There A Significant Difference Between Your Partner And Your Height?

  • Yes
  • No

If the answer is “YES”, you should consider the height of the handlebar. The handlebar height should be comfortable both for you. In this case, you may go for an adjustable handlebar.

Not only that, if you’re unusually short or tall, an adjustable handlebar is a must-have option to make the strolling comfortable. If both of you have average heights, you may skip this feature.

  • What Kind Of Accessories Are Important To You?

Except basic features, some stroller has a lot of great accessories. It’s really nice to have a large size storage option, cup holders, rain covers, snack tray, foot muffs and so on.

Choose the features what you need. If your stroller doesn’t come with these features, you have the option to buy separately most of these.


To get a feature-rich stroller, you’ve to adjust your budget accordingly.

  • Are You A Parent Of Multiple Children Or Do You Have A Plan To Have One More Baby?

Strolling with two? Then, you’ve two options for choosing a double stroller: side by side or front to back sitting arrangements.

If you’ve planned to have more than one baby, consider a convertible stroller that is possible to convert single to double.

However, very few single strollers have the feature to expand to double stroller

  • How Easy Is The Stroller To Keep Clean?

Every stroller doesn’t feature removable and washable seats. However, it’s great if your stroller has removable seats. If not so, make sure that the seat is easy to spot clean. It’s good to go for a darker color seat or seat cover.

Have You Planned On Any Specific Price Range?

  • Cheaper (Under $350)
  • Middle-range ($350 to $800)
  • Expensive (800+ or above)

The price of a stroller depends on what category it belongs in.

If you’re on a tight budget and you need to use the stroller for a short duration, you may go for the cheap-priced option.

But if the price isn’t a factor to you, you should consider a durable, choosing a double stroller

Final Message

You’re almost at the end of our article on “which stroller is right for me”.


You’re now an authentic stroller expert.

Hence, no more confusion.

It’s your turn to read the best baby stroller reviews and buy the right one.

Your selected stroller must make your life easier.

Happy strolling!

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