Which Double Stroller Is Best For Toddler and Baby


Whether you have twins on the way or you’re expecting number two, your family is growing. The stroller is one of the essential pieces of parenting gear. Having twins is not only the reason for buying a double stroller. You may have an older sibling and a baby.

Whatever be the case, handling two babies at the same time could be a lot of stress, especially when you’re in the market or in a shopping mall. Under this situation, buying a double stroller is a dire need for you.

We’ve tested on a number of double strollers over several months to help parents to find the top rated double stroller for growing families. In our article, we share everything we explored with a keen eye what makes a double stroller best for your toddler and baby.

Read our article. You’ll learn-

  • The most important aspects to consider when narrowing down your list
  • The factors you should consider when making final buying decision

Let’s Go!

Decide On The Types Of Double Stroller

It’s important to decide on the types of a double stroller. Depending on the seating arrangements, two types of the double stroller are available on the market. These are:

  • Side-by-side
  • Tandem

Each type of the stroller has its pros and cons. Hence, it’s a matter of lifestyle and personal preference.

Side-By-Side Double Stroller

This type of stroller is double wide like two single strollers joined together. This stroller is best to carry twins. A side-by-side stroller is easier to steer and push. But, the width is a drawback as it’s sometimes hard to maneuver in crowded places. You have the options to choose from-

  • Double umbrella stroller
  • General purpose double stroller
  • All-terrain double stroller
  • Double joggers

Tandem Double stroller

These strollers feature one seat directly behind the other. Some tandem strollers come with reversible seats. This feature is useful for parents who have toddlers and infants. These strollers are the same width as the single stroller. So, they easily fit through doorways.

Some tandem strollers have “stadium seating” arrangement. This type of seat allows the child in the back to see over the one in front. Moreover, you can choose a convertible stroller. You can use this stroller as a single stroller. You can also convert it into a double stroller by adding on a second seat. This type of stroller is a great investment that grows with your growing family.

You have the options to choose from-

  • Twin car seat frames
  • Convertible/ All-terrain strollers
  • All-purpose tandem
  • Sit and stand

Factors You Should Consider When Buying The Double Stroller

Choosing the high quality double stroller for your growing family depends on several factors. Here’s what factors to consider to make a wise buying decision.

Your Children’s Age Difference

Your children’s age difference is a matter. The age difference of your little ones plays an important role in figuring out the double stroller. The stroller for twins must be different from those of a toddler and baby. 


  • Children of close age (less than two years) feel comfortable in almost any type of double stroller
  • Children of multiple ages (2 to 4 years apart) feel better in a tandem or side-by-side stroller with one smaller seat and a primary seat.

Stroller Size and Weight Capacity

You should consider the width and weight capacity of a double stroller you select. If your older child is a preschooler, don’t worry. You have alternatives- the sit and stand double stroller. These types of strollers will allow your older child to sit or stand using a riding board.


  • Look for the stroller with 50lb weight capacity, if you have a toddler and a baby. It’ll help you to use the stroller for longer.

Your Lifestyle

Emphasize your lifestyle when making a double stroller buying decision. Think about the everyday use of your stroller.

For example, if you’re a city dweller and need to walk a lot or use public transport, you should look for a lightweight and easily foldable stroller.


  • If you plan to use the stroller every day, look for one with more features.


Undoubtedly, managing two children in the outdoors is a challenging task. Look for the double stroller that is easy to push, easy to maneuver, easy to fold and easy to transport.


  • Always look for a lightweight option.


Certain features are non-negotiable for a double stroller. Test how easy their features are to use.


Double strollers that have one wheel in front are easy to maneuver. Double strollers having dual front wheel usually gets caught on bumps or stray items in the road.

Car seat

There is some stroller that is tough to attach or remove the car seat. Look for the stroller which latch is easy to operate.

Under Stroller Storage

Under stroller storage option is a significant feature to look into a double stroller. In a double tandem stroller, the back seated child has full access to the under stroller storage. His or her leg may be dangling in the basket. Hence, consider whether the under storage option is safe for your toddler.

Your Budget

Double strollers are usually expensive than the single stroller. Buying a double stroller is an investment. Hence, it’s important to plan how much you can spend on a double stroller.

The JPMA or ASTM standards

Look for the strollers that have one of these stamp guarantees. Buying a stroller that has any of these stamps ensure better safety and technical value. It’ll give you confidence and peace of mine.


Selecting the good double stroller is difficult. Yes, it’s difficult. But not impossible.

Whatever decision you make, safety and quality should be the first priority. Having a lot of features such as a cup holder, snack tray, enough storage is nice.

Hope, our simple guidelines will help you to buy the perfect double stroller for your toddler and baby.

Undoubtedly, buying the top double stroller will make your life easier with two little ones.

Enjoy getting out of the house with your little angels!

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